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1930s Futuristic Fashion Predictions

Posted by Rebekah Roy on May 31st, 2008

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Ben Sherman

Posted by Rebekah Roy on May 30th, 2008

BenSHerman Ben Sherman
Ben Sherman and PPQ have collaborated on a new limited collection of dresses. There are only 175 dresses available in each look. There are 5 dresses and each one represents the look of the decade. PPQ has always been involved in the music scene and they even have their own record label 1-2-3-4. And of course Ben Sherman is known for supporting loads of bands.

img488 Ben Sherman
I love the shop windows on Carnaby Street! img489 Ben Sherman

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Leon Bailey Green of OSOYOU

Posted by Rebekah Roy on May 29th, 2008

img798 Leon Bailey Green of OSOYOU
I recently met with the lovely Leon Bailey Green. He is an online marketing and branding consultant. He is also the director of marketing for OSOYOU.

OSOYOU Leon Bailey Green of OSOYOU
OSOYOU is one stop shop which helps shoppers navigate their way round the internet. If you’re looking for a little black dress OSOYOU is going to give you a selection from many different shops – my search results gave me “18,947 items “! Of course this is a lot of dresses but it’s really only about 30 pages and I could have refined my search. So really it’s just not a lot of click-throughs to find the perfect dress!

Dawn Bebe is the Managing Director of OSOYOU and if it wasn’t for her and all her persistence and hard work we would not have Grazia!! She’s responsible for bringing Grazia to the UK! It’s one of my favourite weekly reads

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Platform Shoes

Posted by Rebekah Roy on May 28th, 2008

I’ve always loved platform shoes. Being only 5′2″ high shoes make me feel powerful (and taller) but it’s the platform or wedge that really works for me. I think if I had a high arch I would have loved the stiletto heel.

Wegdes Marni Platform Shoes
Marni patent leather wedges

Platforms have been around forever and I mean centuries. The Greeks first wore them in theatre plays – the more important the character the higher the platform. In the 15th & 16th century high-born prostitutes or courtesans in Venice wore platform shoes.

You could even be divorced for wearing high shoes. Charles ll passed the 1670 Act of Parliament – The Marriage Act, which said that women who “betray into matrimony” an Englishman by use of “scents, paints, artificial teeth, false hair … high-heeled shoes” risked having their marriages declared null, and they were subject to the same punishment as witches.

Platform shoes became immensely popular in the 1970s and in the early 1990s Vivienne Westwood re-introduced the high heeled 5″ & 9″ platform shoe.

I think platforms look great in the summer – they look great with jeans and the open toe platform can look great with a dress. Since I’m usually spending most of my day running around London – the platform will be the perfect alternative to my flats!

Shoes CM Platform ShoesCheck out this book Shoes by Colin McDowell (1989)

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Steaming and Ironing

Posted by Rebekah Roy on May 27th, 2008

PhilipsIron Steaming and Ironing

Most stylists & their assistants know how to steam and iron. I love steamers. I’m not big on ironing but it’s important to know how to iron a shirt. If you can iron a shirt while it’s still slightly damp it will wrinkle less and look nice and crisp. On occasion I’ve used a shirt starch. look nice and crisp. On occasion I’ve used shirt starch.

GH shirt2 Steaming and Ironing GH shirt3jpg Steaming and IroningGH shirt1 Steaming and Ironing

  • Collar: Start with the underside
  • Shoulder yoke: Slip each shoulder over the narrow end of the board and press from shoulder to centre of the back
  • Cuffs: Inside first, then outside
  • Sleeves: Iron cuff opening side first, then the reverse
  • Body: Use wide end of the board, iron front panels first, then the back

FYI: The first ironing table was patented in 1858 by W. Vandenburg. Vandenburg would file an additional six ironing board patents over the next four years. In 1870 JH Mallory patented the ironing board that resembles the modern day ironing board.


JHMallory ironingBoard Steaming and Ironing

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Alice Disney remix by Nick Bertke aka Pogo

Posted by Rebekah Roy on May 26th, 2008

Love this! It’s a remix by 19 year old Nick Bertke (a.k.a Pogo, Pogotron). The track is almost entirely made up of sounds sampled from Disney’s 1951 animated classic, Alice in Wonderland and the track is available free to download on his Last FM page!

Remixing is a lot like fashion styling – looking at things from the past and seeing them in a new way!

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Debenham’s Press Day in London

Posted by Rebekah Roy on May 25th, 2008

img776 Debenhams Press Day in London
I like going to the Debenham’s press day, it’s quite impressive as it was in a big marquee right in central London. They show womenswear, lingerie, accessories and homeware. I usually like how it’s merchandised and the how each section is theme based.

img767 Debenhams Press Day in London

img766 Debenhams Press Day in London
I met Eric Van Peterson a few years ago, on a shoot. He was so kind and gentle. He’s originally from the States and after backpacking through Europe he moved to London where he met his wife Lyn at the original Hard Rock Cafe. He had a stall in Camden selling “objets d’art” and jewellery and later open a shop near Sloane Square. In 1981 he and his wife opened their Walton Street store and started creating their own jewellery designs. Their jewellery is very distinct so it’s not surprising that they have a large celebrity following including Cher, David Bowie, Goldie Hawn, Yasmin Le Bon, Michael Douglas and Ringo Starr.

Theo Fennell, Erikson Beamon & Eric Van Peterson all have collection for Debenhams.
img771 Debenhams Press Day in London
This is titled New Goth.

img772 Debenhams Press Day in London
I think we tend to forget or ignore how important department stores are in the fashion retail world. If you live outside a major city a department store can offer you the latest trends and since most of them have a concessions shops you have access to numerous designers and high street looks.

FYI:Debenhams has a total of 135 department stores in the UK and Republic of Ireland and 10 Desire by Debenhams stores, which are a new small store concept featuring a mix of womenswear, accessories, lingerie, cosmetics and childrenswear. Debenhams has a further 40 international franchise stores in 16 countries.

img768 Debenhams Press Day in London

img774 Debenhams Press Day in London
Designers at Debenhams include: Matthew Williamson, Betty Jackson, John Rocha, Jasper Conran, Julian MacDonald, Ben Di Lisi, Antoini & Alison and French Frost.

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Fashion Assistant

Posted by Rebekah Roy on May 24th, 2008

img787 Fashion Assistant
This is my new assistant on her first day! Stephanie’s visiting London for the summer. She’s from the States but would love to live in Europe. Being a fashion assistant is quite a bit of work. There are lots of errands to do and sometimes we have very short notice to prep a job, but I think it will be quite fun working together!

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John Pearse

Posted by Rebekah Roy on May 23rd, 2008

img792 John Pearse
I was running some errands and came across this shop – it’s funny how you pass a street all the time and then one day it’s like you’re seeing it for the first time. This shop has been here for over 20 years.

img791 John Pearse
All the garments are so beautifully cut and the linings are just gorgeous. I love the women’s coats; they’re timeless with a twist. Everything is understated but with lots of attitude. John Pearse has been a tailor his whole life and his site says so much about his personal style- in many ways it’s one of my favourite sites.
img790 John Pearse
John Pearse is a Tailor of Savile Row which means he makes some of the best bespoke suits in the world. A bespoke suit is created to your specific personal requirements. A bespoke suit is not to be confused with a made to measure suit. To make a bespoke suit a tailor will take many measurements and figuration and then a personal pattern will be hand-drafted and cut from scratch. The suit is entirely hand-made and hand-finished so the care and attention is unparalleled – this is truly the art of suit making.

I never loved menswear until I moved to London and of course when you walk into a shop like this you’ll understand why.

John Pearse
6 Meard Street
Soho, London W1F 0EF
Tel: 020 7434 0738

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Stonefoxx at the O2 Arena

Posted by Rebekah Roy on May 22nd, 2008

 Stonefoxx at the O2 Arena
Stonefoxx performed at the O2 Arena – they’re the opening act for Shane Ward’s UK tour! Of course I’m biased because I’ve known them for a couple of years and I just want everyone to dance around listening to them on the radio!
O2Stonefoxx Stonefoxx at the O2 Arena
Stacy, Lizzy and Gem!

O2 SW Stonefoxx at the O2 Arena
We watched Shane Ward from a private box – and his fans were totally crazy over him!

O2Group Stonefoxx at the O2 Arena
The team from left to right: James, Gem Allen, Alex, Alex Foden hair stylist and make-up artist Lauren Parsons.

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Colourful Street Style

Posted by Rebekah Roy on May 21st, 2008

img729 Colourful Street Style
I saw DJ S.O.L. and just had to take her picture. I love all the colours in this picture – it’s so eclectic & vibrant.

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Rebekah Roy Fashion Stylist (me) at the Barbican!

Posted by Rebekah Roy on May 20th, 2008

Barbican Rebekah Roy Fashion Stylist (me) at the Barbican!
I’m very excited that I’ve been invited to give a lecture at the Barbican as part of The House of Victor & Rolf events! The lecture will be on July 24th about personal style. I’m also looking forward to seeing the exhibition as I saw a Victor & Rolf exhibition in 2003 at the Musée de la Mode et du Textile in Paris. The Barbican is the first museum to secure a Victor & Rolf exhibition in the UK! They will be showing the designer’s signature pieces from 1992 to the present in a specially commissioned and characteristically theatrical installation that will dominates the entire gallery. I love that in London we have so many opportunities to see so many important and influential artists’ work. The House of Viktor & Rolf will be at the Barbican 18 June 2008 – 21 September 2008.

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The Reality Bag by PUMA® Urban Mobility

Posted by Rebekah Roy on May 19th, 2008

img731 The Reality Bag by PUMA® Urban Mobility
Puma launched The Reality Bag a while back in January 2008. I’m quite partial to PUMA bags, and I have a black one that I love but it’s started to look a bit tattered, so I don’t use it but I can’t get rid of it. I saw The Reality Bag at the Puma shop on Carnaby Street today – ooh a big silver bag! The Reality Bag is by PUMA® Urban Mobility and the Serpentine Gallery. Multiple artists: John Armleder, John Trembley & Philippe Decreuza created the bag. I like the concept of the Urban Mobility collection & there’s even a bicycle and luggage.

img733 The Reality Bag by PUMA® Urban Mobility

pumareality The Reality Bag by PUMA® Urban Mobility

I do feel like I walk around with my whole life in my handbag and somehow it becomes quite simplified although the bigger the bag the more I carry. For example I usually wear flat shoes because I’m running errands or going to meetings, if I have a bigger bag I might add some heels – just in case…and maybe another lipstick or gloss…The reverse is also true, if I have a small bag, I carry maybe one piece of ID, some cash – usually not in a wallet or purse as it takes up too much space, mobile, house keys & lip gloss.

I do love & identify with the name, Urban Mobility. I want to live in urban settings and I want to be mobile and I like shiny things :)

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Camden & The Proud Gallery

Posted by Rebekah Roy on May 18th, 2008

img717 Camden & The Proud Gallery
I haven’t been to Camden for ages on a Sunday. I forgot how much I liked it: the people, the tourists who’ve never seen a Goth before and all the market stalls. It’s still a great place to find things for a shoot. I’ve found so many cool things in Camden from martial arts equipment to a super cute black and white polka dot hoodie with cat ears and a tail!
img718 Camden & The Proud Gallery

img720 Camden & The Proud Gallery
In many shops you’re not allowed to take photos but since I bought something the shopkeeper said it was fine. The reason they don’t like it, is not so much that they worry about people copying their designs it’s more about people gawking at them.

img724 Camden & The Proud Gallery
In the new part of the stables you’ll find all the old antiques and vintage shops. In Canada I used to feel compelled to buy an object if it seemed rare or unusual – but in London for the most part I know I can return to Camden or Portobello and find what I’m looking for.

img725 Camden & The Proud Gallery

img727 Camden & The Proud Gallery
This is the Proud Gallery, it’s reopened and it’s really cool inside. There is a section of “stables” that have become private rooms – which could be quite fun and there is an exhibition Glenmorangie 5 Senses by Mike Figgis, it’s the first exhibition to be held in the re opened venue!

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Fingerless Gloves for Summer!

Posted by Rebekah Roy on May 17th, 2008

img629 Fingerless Gloves for Summer!
I’m a sucker for leather gloves. The picture above is the shop front window of the House of Cashmere in the Burlington Arcade (in London). They have some great light weight leather gloves in fabulous colours. I like wearing gloves especially on the tube when everything feels so dirty. Oh, and I love wearing driving gloves too, especially in dark green. I just can’t bring myself to wear leather gloves in warmer weather and even though I like crochet vintage gloves they just seem a bit granny or better suited to weddings.

If you’ve looking for some super cool gloves check out Gloved Up by designer Laura Shepherd. She offers some really cool fingerless gloves like this Short Brocade, perfect for summer. All the gloves come in pairs, but of course you can wear one if you like ;)
Gloves Fingerless Gloves for Summer!
I love the Shiny Black Puff Sleeved Gloves longer gloves too!
GLfingerless.gloves Fingerless Gloves for Summer!
Estelle Blanche Puff Sleeved Fingerless Gloves
GL118.fingerless.gloves2 Fingerless Gloves for Summer!
Black Mesh Fingerless Opera Gloves
gloves mesh Fingerless Gloves for Summer!
Laura also does bespoke gloves just contact her at:

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London Style

Posted by Rebekah Roy on May 16th, 2008

img676 London Style
I’m not very confident stopping people in the street and asking them if I can take their picture. I’m trying to be a bit braver but every now and then fashion gets the best of me and I can’t help but stop someone. I saw this girl – a drama student on the escalator and thought she had such a cute style: she just looked so happy and friendly. The colours of her scarf, handbag and the flower in her hair create a very light, happy and confident feeling. I love that we can dress in a certain way and give other people an impression. We tend to forget how we can communicate through clothing. I think maybe fashion has become more about being fashionable and less about self expression.

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The Supremes at the V&A

Posted by Rebekah Roy on May 15th, 2008

TheSupremes The Supremes at the V&A
The Story of The Supremes from the Mary Wilson Collection

The Supremes – Mary, Diana and Flo, and later Cindy Birdsong, Jean Terrell, Lynda Lawrence, Scherrie Payne and Susaye Green were glamorours, strong and sexy looking women. I can’t wait to see this exhibition, it’s on until October 19th at the Victoria and Albert Museum (London). I feel spoiled for choice living in such a big city – there are always so many exhibitions and event to see and it’s easy to put something off and see it later and then you realize that it’s gone…I do love going to see fashion exhibitions – seeing into someone else’s wardrobe and how they create their own style is very telling. I’d love to be a bit more glamorours. When I think of the Supremes I think of real glamour. You might say that there is still lots of glamour in the music world – but a lot of it for me is hit and miss, one day it might be really beautiful, and sensual and then another day it might be a bit cheap & tacky looking. Maybe modern glamour is more about making an effort – looking dresses up. Nothing beats old school glamour!

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I want, I want, I want!

Posted by Rebekah Roy on May 14th, 2008

img638 I want, I want, I want!
While on my way to dinner I spotted this Nissan Figaro that’s for sale. I know it’s not practical: I couldn’t fit my luggage in it, I only have a license for an automatic, I don’t like parallel parking – which is all one does in London. But it’s Barbie pink and so cute! I rarely want stuff – I know this might be an odd trait for a stylist but if I can use the things that I love in a shoot I don’t feel the need to possess them. Maybe I don’t need a car but I’d like to be the girl who wears a floral dress with big white vintage ray bans, singing my heart out while driving around town.

Salvatore Ferragamo-bag.jpgChristrian Lacroix.jpg
Salvatore Ferragamo Christrian Lacroix

wayfarer1 I want, I want, I want!Bottega Veneta.jpg
Ray-Ban Wayfarer in white, black or blue. Bottega Veneta

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Dog Accessories

Posted by Rebekah Roy on May 13th, 2008

pinkdog Dog Accessories
The dog is no longer man’s best friend but has become a delightful fashion accessory. Over the past few years I’ve seen quite a few fluffy pink lap dogs. I find the dogs quite amusing, cute and slightly odd – all at the same time. I must admit I’m kind of drawn to the dog, I’m just not sure that if I had a dog that I’d dye her fur.

Greenpuppy Dog Accessories
This puppy was born last week, and so far, he is perfectly healthy… he’s just green. Veterinarians say this can happen when the mother’s amniotic fluid mixes with the placenta during birth and dyes the coat of the puppy. In a few weeks, the green will fade and the puppy become it’s natural colour.

pet dye Dog Accessories

I love Japanese fashion and their love for their pets! The Japanese beauty company Merry Do Beauty Products, offer a rainbow of colours for your pet! They even have 10 different colours of nail polish for you pet made from natural plant ingredients, combined with natural Vitamin E!

Pet Mudbath Dog Accessories

This is a special mud bath for the dog, how cute is he! I love spas but I wonder if the dog likes it, if it’s fun for him, maybe he likes all the attention and praise? I would.

[Source NBC]

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Thakoon, Richard Nicoll, Bora Aksu and Matthew Langille for Peopel Tree

Posted by Rebekah Roy on May 12th, 2008

Thakoon, Richard Nicoll, Bora Aksu and Matthew Langille have created exclusive Fair Trade fashion pieces for People Tree. The limited edition collection, only 100 pieces per style will are available ion line in the UK and will appear in the June 2007 issue of Japanese Vogue modelled by supermodels, Helena Christensen, Lily Cole, Shalom Harlow and Anne Watanabe.
Bora Aksu                                                 Matthew Langille
PT boratwoway l Thakoon, Richard Nicoll, Bora Aksu and Matthew Langille for Peopel Tree PT Whh07 l Thakoon, Richard Nicoll, Bora Aksu and Matthew Langille for Peopel Tree
PT thakoonbabydoll l Thakoon, Richard Nicoll, Bora Aksu and Matthew Langille for Peopel Tree PT richardnicollruffleshirtmc Thakoon, Richard Nicoll, Bora Aksu and Matthew Langille for Peopel Tree
Thakoon                                                     Richard Nicoll

With the hot weather it’s easy to start thinking of summer dressing. I’ve always been a big fan of Bora Aksu so I’m loving this summer dress! Check out People Tree as each designer has done a couple of styles in a few colours, so there more to see!

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