How exciting, I love the Miller’s Residence. It’s one of my favourite hotels, it’s so charming and eclectic and it has it’s own brand of gin – Martin Miller Gin! Juliet Sybil Johns and Hayley Goodwin model Madame V‘s new collection. And it’s the dashing David Piper! Check out his blog at


The lovely Helena Frith Powell was wearing a black signature Karen Brost dress for her book launch in Chelsea last night. Helena is a writer and journalist, she is the author of Two Lipsticks and a Lover – a book about what makes French women so special and her latest book To Hell in HighContinue reading


I ran into the fabulous and I do mean fabulous Susie Bubble. I’m addicted to her blog and to top it off she’s really sweet, down to earth and so cute!! Now lots of great things are happening to Susie, so we just have to hope that what ever magazine scoops her up won’t beContinue reading


D&G was great. Quite inspiring, so much plaid, very Bay City Rollers meets Little House on the Prairie. Another Hannah Almassy sighting. This Grazia girl is popular! Great treats, lots of little chocolate mousse pots and delicious Laduree macaroons to accompany a cup of tea – of course there is always champagne!


Stonefoxx – a new super cool girl band!


It’s quite flattering when you see your work on designer’s site! Beatrix Ong is a lovely shoe designer. She studied at Central St. Martins, The Fashion Institute of Technology in New York and Cordwainers College in London. If you think that’s impressive, she then went on to design for Jimmy Choo and has now beenContinue reading


Sketch is a very popular club & restaurant. You might have seen the club used for fashion shoots and lots of fashionable, trendy people hang out there. I think I like it better in the day, lunch is very nice and you can go in the afternoon for tea & cake! Jeffrey Reed a.k.a. ‘Distronaut’Continue reading


Zink launches a Canadian edition! Spring 2008 Zink Magazine was founded about 6 years ago in New York City by Canadian-born model Isabelle Sabourin, & her husband Sheriff J. Ishak, publisher and editor-in-chief. I first found the magazine at RD Franks, in London and I thought it was Canadian but then realized it was actuallyContinue reading


We had a great shoot day. We did lots of prep for this shoot; we went to PRs and designers and found lots of fabulous dresses!!! It was an easy, happy shoot day – lots of shoots are – everyone wants to get as much out of the shoot as possible and to do aContinue reading


It was great to run into one of my favourite Hannah’s – Hannah Almassi from Grazia! A press day is when a PR presents the new collection to editors and stylists. Most PRs carry more than one brand and some brands are done in house. During the press day you can create a list ofContinue reading


The Dame Agnes Hepburn Patent Body Part Pump John Fluevog and Peter Fox founded Fox & Fluevog in 1970, in Vancouver. They were selling brand new turn of the century shoes. In the 80’s Peter Fox moved to New York and specialized in wedding shoes. Fluevog took over the business and designs all the shoes.Continue reading