Appointments and Book Shopping

go on castings on a daily basis, the rest of us make up artists, hair stylists, and stylists go on appointments. It’s hard to make the time when you’re busy shooting but it’s important to meet new people and show your work. You’re basically going on mini all day.
What’s great and not so great is that you might be running all over the city while going to appointments. So I generally use this opportunity to check out any cool shops or . Near Dalston Station there are two Oxfams quite close to each other – one for clothing and then just a few doors down an Oxfam book shop. It’s huge and all the books are 99p!

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  1. alexis amber
    April 27, 2008 at 1:01

    Hi, I was wondering what you mean exactly by appointments. With stores? Showrooms? How do you go about introducing yourself and making these appointments?

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