The Tuesdai Leigh Experience

One of the things I like about Tuesdai Leigh is that she can’t be bothered to be pretentious. She just loves to sing and she’s a natural performer.

I went to see Tuesdai Leigh perform and she’s the real thing. She has a huge voice and she sounds like a gospel/soul singer. Her influences range from Etta James and Aretha Franklin to Tracy Chapman and Nirvana. She lives on a tough North London estate and had no resources to make any kind of demo so she took things into her own hands, started making acappella recordings on her home Karaoke machine and sending them out. Fortunately, songwriter Jules Kleiser heard her recording and they started working together. This is just the beginning of The Tuesdai Leigh Experience, so I’m looking forward to her next show. Tuesdai Leigh is playing on the Friday May 9th at The Miller.

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