Tokyo’s Cat Cafe Calico


I’ve always liked and animals. I think it’s an important trait that as a human being, we like to look after other species. So when I heard about the Cat Cafe Calico, I thought what could be better! In Toyko there are now 3 were you can rent a cat for about £3 for an hour or £9 for 3 hours. Takafumi Fukui is the founder of the first and very popular Tokyo’s Cat Cafe Calico. There are 14 very clean to pet – they are shampooed and brushed regularly and you must have a thorough hand wash before entering the lounge. It’s very difficult to have a pet in so the cafe offers a very unique and relaxing service! How cool is that!

I like seeing animals out and about, especially when I see a dog sitting comfortably on the floor at a pub or outside a cafe. While dining out in Paris, I was trying to enjoy my dinner but at the table across from me, a women had her small dog on the table, eating from her plate -that didn’t really work for me, but the Cat Cafe Calico sounds purrfect!
Source: Reuters

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