Zink Magazine – Blame Canada


Zink launches a edition!
Spring 2008

Zink Magazine was founded about 6 years ago in New York City by Canadian-born model Isabelle Sabourin, & her husband Sheriff J. Ishak, publisher and editor-in-chief. I first found the magazine at RD Franks, in London and I thought it was Canadian but then realized it was actually American. I bought this issue recently, when I was at the Calgary airport. Zink Canada was launched during Toronto, Vancouver & Montreal fashion week. Anyway, I’ve always liked their editorials, and I love that there is a Canadian issue! It will be a quarterly, from Montreal. The first issue’s theme is “Blame Canada,” – the South Park song. This issue focuses on Canadian talent – but not just for the sake of it, but because there are some genuinely very very talented Canadians! It’s great to have a magazine that celebrates the best of Canadian and international talent. As you may know Canadians are modest and don’t like to gloat or toot their own horn – but sometimes they need to, so here’s to “Blame Canada“!

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