Fashion Shoot in an East London Studio






We had a great shoot day. We did lots of prep for this shoot; we went to PRs and designers and found lots of fabulous dresses!!! It was an easy, happy shoot day – lots of shoots are – everyone wants to get as much out of the shoot as possible and to do a really good job. It’s great to work with people who really love and care about what they are doing – it makes a difference. The hair and make-up were great, this was really important because it brings everything to life. Alex Foden, (also Amy Winehouse’s hair stylist) did the hair, he not only styled it but did the cut & colour – how fab is he, and Samantha Hosker did the make-up!

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  1. Ashley
    April 10, 2008 at 10:10

    This was such a fun shoot! Everyone was so great and so nice! The girls were a blast to work with! I am so glad i had the opportunity to help!

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