Press Days in London














It was great to run into one of my favourite Hannah’s – Hannah Almassi from !

A day is when a PR presents the new collection to editors and stylists. Most PRs carry more than one brand and some brands are done in house. During the day you can create a list of the clothes you’d like to feature in your up coming shoots for the next season. Everything we are looking at is autumn/winter 08. This might be the only time the pr has the whole collection in their showroom, as the clothes will always be coming and going to different shoots. For the higher end brands usually there are no duplicates so the one collection is shipped all over the world and used by all the worldwide etc. Some brand have a press office in Europe and North American, they might even have variations in the collection to suit the different markets.

It’s the prs job to get the garment as much press as possible – but not just any press. I don’t really believe that all press is good press. Every brand has a list of preferred magazines & types of that it wants to be associated with, but of course many brands/prs can be very accommodating.

At these there is always lots of chocolates and delicious things to nibble on! I may have had one to many flake bars…

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2 comments on “Press Days in London

  1. Ashley
    April 10, 2008 at 11:11

    This was such a cool experience to see all the upcoming fashions! I saw so many things i liked and i cannot wait for them to be in stores! I also ate a few too many flake bars! Oh well we walked around a lot!

  2. blacky
    May 13, 2008 at 14:14

    who does the shoes and bright necklaces laid out on the dark table??? would love to know!

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