Bakelite Jewellery & Other Objects

The first English Bakelite phone!


Bakelite was used to make tape measure! Check out Old Tools, they have lots cool items and a good selection of tape measures!




We often see many fashion items and we don’t know their influences or their significance. Top Shop and most shops have a good selection of plastic bracelets that are art Deco inspired and a plastic bracelet is nice but it doesn’t seem very special until you start looking at the original ones and their history.
Leo Hendrik Baekeland, a Belgian-American chemist working in New York applied for The “Heat and Pressure Patent” on July 14th, 1907. The name Bakelite was originally a brand – trademark name, but it’s become a generic term for all phenolic resin products. It’s hard to imagine that one patent was used in so many different objects: saxophone mouthpieces, cameras, solid-body electric guitars, rotary-dial telephones, tape measures, early machine guns, appliance casings and . Many of these pieces have become collectors items and are extremely sought over. Phenolics are presently used in the electronics, power generation and aerospace industries.
In London you can find a selection of the popular JMP (Paris) 70s Bakelite jewellery pieces – manufactured for at Palette London.

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