Luggage, Packing and Logistics


No one realizes how much packing a stylist and her assistants do. I have about seven suitcases and they always seem to be in use. Taxis always think that I’m moving and never just going to work for the day. On fashion TV there is always a rail full of clothes and it’s a mystery how the clothes got there; it’s always a surprise to a new fashion assistant that we have to get the clothes and then return them! A big part of being a fashion stylist is logistics. You have to be very very organized. Sometimes I’m jealous when a make-up artist has only one case!
I never realized that learning to roll a sleeping bag at brownies was going to help me grow up to be a good packer. When a stylist goes on a trip for a job she tends to bring few of her own clothes so the space can be used for items for the shoot – so stylists end up wearing the same thing day after day…It’s one of those jobs that sounds more glamours then it is.

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