The Cloth House and Buttons





I like purchasing a garment when there’s a spare button sewn on the inside. Cheap garments don’t seem to offer this “extra”. If the button falls off without my knowing it and there’s no spare, the garment just seems to lie around for ages and I never seem to find the time to buy the perfect button. I know some people if they lose a button, the shirt is just recycled to Oxfam. No one is really interested in sewing and nobody really darns anything, maybe it’s because our clothes have become so cheap we don’t mend them anymore. There are some drycleaners who will notice a loose button and sew it back on. This should not feel like a luxury service but it is.
I do have a sweater that started to unravel quite a bit and whenever I wear it, it looks very cool, I’m always asked who designed it! Since losing 2 buttons off my coat – they were poorly sewn on to start with, I feel that I have to replace them with nicer buttons. In London there are lots of great places to find buttons but it’s still about finding the right one. A good button can change the look so much that a garment can have a completely different feel to it. My favourite kind of button is when the button is covered in matching fabric to the garment.

The Cloth House has two shops on Berwick Street in .

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