Spitafields Market – there have been so many changes & renovations here I wasn’t sure how much I was going to like it, I was afraid that it wouldn’t have the same charm. It did – just more polished. In the few years I’ve been in London I’ve noticed lots of things change. It willContinue reading


The first English Bakelite phone! Bakelite was used to make tape measure! Check out Old Tools, they have lots cool items and a good selection of tape measures! We often see many fashion items and we don’t know their influences or their significance. Top Shop and most high street shops have a good selection ofContinue reading


Some mornings it’s good to go out and just relax, enjoy the day and think about what a good week it’s been!


The team!! Great Assistants! Karen Millen hosting the event Kit – she said she reads my blog -how cool!!! A Louis Mariette headpiece! There were lots of fabulous people at this event, Christina is one of them!


Model Lianna Fowler was at the casting, I met her at the PPQ party a while back so I’m so happy we can cast her. I think she’s fab! I love styling shows and working with designers. I’ve been styling a fashion show this week. There’s lots to organize: you need a hair and makeContinue reading


Black Silk blend with a lace overlay Lace trapeze dress by Marchesa at Net-a-Porter.com £630.00 I’m a sucker for 3/4 length sleeve and dresses that nip in at the waist. I’m also not big on saving a dress for a special occasion – what if nothing every happens? I’d have this perfectly wonderful dress andContinue reading


I have always loved hats – so living in London is the right place to explore this love. Canada is a place more suitable for a functional “I don’t want any more frostbite” kind of hat. I tend to like hats that are small and understated. I don’t want to be the annoying kind ofContinue reading


First you need a great place to go for tea and cupcakes. So on a grey and ever so slightly snowy day I would recommend The Hummingbird Bakery in Notting Hill, 133 Portobello Road. If you’re not able to find that perfect vintage dress in dusty pink here are a few suggestions. Lipsy, Pleated SilkContinue reading


Like many Canadians who grew up in English Canada I am fascinated with Montreal. The rule is Torontonians live to work and Montrealers work to live and on some level I find this to be true. Personally, I want to work to live! I love Montreal and although it’s a much much smaller city thanContinue reading


I’m not the kind of girl who wears a white shirt, but I’d like to. I do love the look of a crisp white shirt with a great black pencil skirt or even jeans but that all seems a little too predictable. If you’re wearing black and white you need to have a bit ofContinue reading


I often get asked about trends and if eco fashion and recycling are just a passing fad. I hope that they’re not. Trends come and go and if people become more environmentally aware because of a trend well that’s great. If they do some thing about it, even better. These pictures were taken down townContinue reading


Every stylist has similar things in her kit: safety pins, thread, needles, streamer, shoe polish etc. One of my favourite things are these Tide pens. It’s not often on a shoot that something has a stain on it but when it does, it’s very handy to have a stain remover. I’m not sure if youContinue reading


As a kid I hated road trips but this trip has really been great! It felt like the kind of trip that you take with your girlfriends and most of us have already worked together so it made everything super easy. We’re all Canadian with one American so we’ve all experienced the childhood road trip;Continue reading


This is my first trip to Calgary and it reminds me of Winnipeg in some ways – I guess lots of Canadian cities look, well, Canadian. Everyone is so friendly that it seems a bit unreal. i didn’t realize how accustomed I’ve become to London. It’s not so much that Londoners are rude -they’re not,Continue reading


I was staying in a log cabin for a couple of days for a photo shoot. This was the best bed I’ve ever slept in but I’m not quite sure if it’s because I was so tired from all the hard work or just jet lagged. Anyway the bed was so high that you hadContinue reading


No one realizes how much packing a stylist and her assistants do. I have about seven suitcases and they always seem to be in use. Taxis always think that I’m moving and never just going to work for the day. On fashion TV there is always a rail full of clothes and it’s a mysteryContinue reading


It doesn’t matter where in the world you go, you’ll always find a cool vintage shop and Canada is great for vintage! This is a picture of Suzanne, she’s also a photographer but has owned this landmark vintage shop “What’s In Store” for about a year. 1600 Edmonton Trail N. E. Calgary


I met up with LA based designer Elaine Kim in Paris. I adore Elaine, she’s the type of girl you feel you’ve known since you were three, she wears her heart on her sleeve, and she’s just a really cool girl. Elaine has loved fashion since she was a little girl. She sells everywhere fromContinue reading


I love it when any city gets inspired by fashion! We naturally focus on the fashion capitals like Paris, New York and Milan, but many capital cities celebrate fashion, and the smaller the city the more fashion week is celebrated by all. Toronto‘s fashion week is from March 17th-22nd and is held right in NathanContinue reading

I love that my camera is wireless and I can print images without even going near the printer. It’s great for backstage and for model fittings. It’s so important to have a picture of the whole look when you’re working backstage at a fashion show. It makes it easier for the dressers and if somethingContinue reading