I love mascara. It’s the only product I run out and buy if an ad or magazine article tells me to. (And yes, I’m a sucker for good advertising). I just want really long lashes. I’d wear false eyelashes if I could figure out how to put them on, and be assured that they wouldContinue reading


I love location shoots and Lordship Park was one of the best houses that I’ve seen in a long time. it’s quite central Lordship Park, Stoke Newington, London. The owners were so sweet and made you feel very welcome, plus they offered you tea as soon as you came in the door! I just lovedContinue reading


I love Inbar Spector’s work. She’s showing for the first time in London at Vauxhall Fashion Scout. Inbar is so tiny and sweet and she has such a strong directional vision; she has a love it or leave me attitude – which you can’t help but respect. She’s a true designer, she loves what sheContinue reading


Most of us are starting to understand why we shouldn’t buy fakes but we don’t really understand why we should or shouldn’t buy luxury goods. We don’t really know any more what makes a luxury item really luxurious. I have never bought a fake luxury item, but I don’t own many luxury items I haveContinue reading


I had an interview this afternoon for Jincey Lumpkin – fashion lawyer and blogger. I met with her UK interviewer Simone Baret Innamorati in Selfridge’s for coffee. And of course after the interview we had to go and look at all the fabulous bags! I love this bag, I could fit so much stuff intoContinue reading


Sometimes you’re booked for a location shoot and you have no idea how it’s going to work out. I worry about my clothes being wrinkled and having no where to iron or steam them. I packed them lightly and put them in garment bags so they don’t get crushed but I know they’ll still manageContinue reading


I love going to tea parties at Victim; we all dress up and wear Mei Hui’s lovely dresses, drink tea and dance to 80’s music!


I like the pale English look: those who have porcelain skin like Kate Winslet and Sophie Ellis Bextor and then the British bands who are more pale then porcelain – but it’s a very British rock and roll look that I love, like Liela Moss’ look from The Duke Spirits. Then, of course there isContinue reading


Funkduplondon.com is about all things cool: they interview all different kinds of people like Jodie Harsh, Louis Mariette and even me!


Marie Proctor and Charlene Campbell of Annazbell. I went to a gathering at the Funky Buddha to celebrate the relaunch of Annazbell; I think it’s really hard to start an good e-zine but Annazbell has a head start and lots of experience as they originally launch in 2004. Girls @bookings Alyson – the model bookerContinue reading