Miss Katie Corsetry, House of Harlot and Latex


This is the lovely Miss Katie! Of course a girl this lovely must design something very special! For over 10 years, Miss Katie has created exquisite corsetry in latex, fine satins and silks – very sexy but still very playfull!

It’s interesting in recent years how latex has moved into mainstream fashion- of course this is more evident in the UK then in North America.

House of Harlot1.jpg House of Harlot2.jpg
I think House of Harlot has greatly influenced our views on fetishwear – they have created a fetishwear luxury label. Robin Archer, head of House of Harlot has designed for many French couture houses: Thierry Mugler, Christian , Louis Vuitton and John Galliano, have all commissioned House of Harlot for their shows. I remember a few years ago Erin O’Connor worn a green latex jacket & skirt in British Vogue, although it didn’t really translate into sales for the House of Harlot it’s always good press. I love that London has shops like this. It’s always interesting to see what the mainstream tries to co-opt and how far it will go. Cheap fetishwear is really cheap and nasty, but garments that are beautifully crafted and tailor-made from latex can be quite exquisite!

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