The Point Blanket, Muks and the Canadian Fur Trade

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I hate cold feet especially when I’m on a location video/ film shoot and I’m not really an girl. I do appreciate models who wears because they don’t have to wear socks that make lines on their legs and can still have warm feet. The equivalent are Muks.

Anyway, during the Canadian trade 1774 -1821 most traders married Native women. These women were instrumental in the success of the trade – many Europeans would have never ever survived the harsh winters without these women. In Native cultures, women usually set up camp, dressed furs, made leather, cooked meals, gathered firewood, made moccasins and netted snowshoes and they were considered an equal partner! This was all before European women arrived and thought they were superior… Anyway it’s a messy history but we did get mukluks and the Hudson Bay "point" blanket!



If you hate having cold feet you can buy Canadian Muks and save over 40% at the Muks Private Sale 10am Wednesday 27th February! As for the point blanket you might not see too many of these blankets in the UK but I have seen the occasional coat! Lots of Canadians wear Muks but you might recognize them on more famous people like Kate Moss, Chloe Sevigny, Katherine Heigl, Milla Jovovich, Carine & Julia Roitfeld, Kate Hudson, Yasmin Le Bon, Daisy Lowe…

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