Belen Echandia Hand Bag


I’m loving this handbag, I can fit loads in it and it’s very soft. I’ve wanted a silver bag for quite a while but I’ve been afraid of something too shiny but this bag is more pewter then silver so it’s not too bling. The style is quite classic and it feels quite serious – and somehow it makes me feel quite grown up! Most of the time I don’t feel very grown up, maybe because I feel like I’m playing dress up and having too much fun! Its kind of strange the power of an accessory – and how it can make you feel – is it conditioning or is it innate?

I don’t remember how old I was when I got my first grown up hand bag. I might have carried a small bag in high school, I don’t think I really had much too carry…Do we only need a handbag when we need to start carrying our life around with us? I once lost my handbag – l forgot it on a bus in London – someone gave it to the bus driver and it was returned to me with everything in it – my passport, cash and credit card – how cool is that! Purses have existed since 480 B.C, in the 1920’s your bag no longer had to match your outfit and then the should strap became popular with the 2.55 Chanel bag! There is still mystery about what one carries in ones handbag and some people still consider it quite private. I’m not really private about what’s in my hand bag I just carry around ordinary stuff and I try not to carry too much stuff but I’d feel naked with if I didn’t carry a handbag. I feel different if it’s a should strap or short handles – short handles seem more grown up to me – it make me think of my grandmother and I could never carry a clutch- no matter how popular, I like to be hands free.

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2 comments on “Belen Echandia Hand Bag

  1. chloé
    February 21, 2008 at 15:15

    i quite agree with the the anti-clutch statement! i don’t like holding things, especially when dancing. also- without a doubt it would be lost within the day/evening!

  2. Rebekah
    March 11, 2008 at 8:08

    I’ve been thinking about the clutch and thought I’d give it another go…I have a lovely metallic snake skin clutch that I thought I’d use at an event for Paris Fashion Week. It was so annoying, I couldn’t hold my drink, shake someone’s hand and keep my clutch neatly under my arm at the same time. I think that I have good coordination but I felt like an idiot all evening. I really like fashion and function.

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