Vivienne Westwood Red Label at London Fashion Week and Constance Lytton

This was ’s first show in London in 9 years. There maybe many reasons for her showing in London but maybe one of the strongest reason is to speak out and create action in the UK about the 277 prisoners held in Guantanamo Bay. The U.S. plans to prosecute Guantanamo Bay prisoners at military tribunals. “Fair trial my arse” were the sentiments of the show: the slogan was printed on a pair of “prison” orange knickers worn by one of the models. It’s refreshing to go to show that mixes fashion and politics. We forget how powerful fashion can be – as an organization – it doesn’t mean we all have the same political views just because we’re in the same industry but it does mean that we have a bigger voice then we think we have and we shouldn’t be afraid to use it.
Her information pack contains information petitions and charitable donation to support “Fair Trial My Arse” you can go to

For some reason I’ve starting thinking of Constance Lytton – my mind wonders… Anyway Constance Lytton was born in 1869 to a privileged family: Robert, the first Earl of Lytton and Edith Villiers. In 1908 Constance Lytton joined the Women’s Social and Political Union (WSPU) and in 1909 she took part in a demonstration at the House of Commons where she was arrested and imprisoned. As soon as the authorities realized who she was, she was released, she was angry that she was given special treatment so she disguised herself and took a new identity: Jane Wharton, a London seamstress. At another demonstration Constance (Jane) was arrested and this time sentenced to fourteen days and when she refused to eat she was forced fed eight times. Again Constance was released when the authorities realized who she was. Constance wrote articles and pamphlets on women’s rights for the WSPU and wrote a book on her experiences in the suffragette movement called Prisons and Prisoners. I really admire Constance Lytton, she used her social position to change the world she lived in and maybe somehow that makes me think of Vivienne Westwood. There are very few people in this world who really say and do what they think and they know it’s not without repercussions but they know it’s the right thing to do and they do it.
I love seeing the crowds at shows! (This is the same venue as Basso and Brook)

Sophie Ellis Bextor and Richard Jones

looking quite dashing with his lovely sister!

The lovely Hannah Almassi from .

I have always been a fan of big hair and this season we’ve seen lots & lots of crimped hair!

More big hair and great make up!

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