Coffee, handbags and Fashion Lawyers

I had an interview this afternoon for Jincey Lumpkin – fashion lawyer and blogger. I met with her UK interviewer Simone Baret Innamorati in Selfridge’s for coffee. And of course after the interview we had to go and look at all the fabulous bags!

I love this bag, I could fit so much stuff into it!!

The silver bag on the top shelf left hand side is surprisingly soft!

Simone and I both hate fakes – now these bags are so fake and can’t be mistaken for anything but fake. I just find it so weird that the fakes are located right outside of Selfridges, and right inside, just wall between them, are all the luxury designer bags. It’s cruel in so many ways…

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  1. nannies crochet
    February 10, 2008 at 0:00

    Yes the muse in patent is lovely and roomy ..

    However, the patent surface requires your attn to dust it with a pcs of cloth on regular basis.. the surface tap on fingerprints easily.

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