Location Shoots in London


Sometimes you’re booked for a location shoot and you have no idea how it’s going to work out. I worry about my clothes being wrinkled and having no where to iron or steam them. I packed them lightly and put them in garment bags so they don’t get crushed but I know they’ll still manage to get a little crushed and I hate that. We had a van for the shoot, not a location van but more like a people carrier. I do have a portable rail and steamer but sometimes there isn’t even room for that especially on a location shoot. The skill of doing a location shoot is you have to think on your feet and this is why a good photographer is really important! I was working with a team that I really like so I know that we’d get the shots we needed. Of course there are some things you can’t plan for, our model sprained her ankle the night before so her foot was swollen & sore and didn’t fit most of the – so we just did a lot of 3/4 shots and tighter crops.
In the end – which was really the beginning of the day we really lucked out! We thought we do the hair & make up in a hotel bathroom or coffee shop but that didn’t look like it was going to happen – too many people were having business meetings. We asked the front desk if there was anyway they could help us with the photo shoot and they gave us a room for £50!! So we had plugs for the hairstylist, a mirror for the and a wardrobe for me to hang up the garments and just a lovely room for the day. The hotel said we could shoot in doors and anywhere on the hotel property! How delightful!!!

One of the most important things about any shoot, especially a location shoot is the team you’re working with. It could have rained, and we could have done the make up in the car and I could have worked out of a case and we would have made it work – because that’s just what you do and you even manage to have fun!




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