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Porcelain Skin, Fake Tans and London Fashion Week

DukeSpirts Porcelain Skin, Fake Tans and London Fashion Week

I like the pale English look: those who have porcelain skin like Kate Winslet and Sophie Ellis Bextor and then the British bands who are more pale then porcelain – but it’s a very British rock and roll look that I love, like Liela Moss’ look from The Duke Spirits. Then, of course there is the other extreme: the dyed blond hair, the fake orangey tan and implants – the glamorous and tarty footballers’ wife look – this I find somewhat distressing and amusing.

And of course there is something in between, I find it odd but true that tanning and fashion week just seem to go together. It’s more about that healthy glow, so that by the end of the week (or weeks) you don’t look as tired or jet lagged as you really feel and you’re non fashion friends will think that your life really is that glamorous… I like the idea of a spray on tan even thought I never even wear foundation or tinted moisturizers – it just seems better then lying under heat lamps and roasting your self. Of course nothing is better then lying out in a park or on the beach and absorbing a bit of vitamin D – I’m all for that!
Anyway if you feel a spray tan will perk up your week St. Tropez has opened a Tanning Boutique for Fashion & Beauty VIPs at the Berkeley Hotel, exclusively throughout London Fashion Week. The complimentary services will begin on Thursday, 7th February (three days before the official start of LFW) and run through Friday, 15th February.

VIP services include, the Classic Ultimate Tanning treatment, which is hand-applied for a long-lasting, moisturised tan. Services will run from 8.00am to 8.00pm To book your “Fashionable Tan” appointment at the St Tropez VIP Suite, contact Josie Fontana-Reval on +44(0)20-7331-1479 or

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