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Entries from February 2008

Blood Red Shoes – You Bring Me Down

Posted by Rebekah Roy on February 29th, 2008

You Bring Me Down by Blood Red Shoes
Blood Red Shoes is the super cool duo Steven Ansell and Laura-Mary Carter from Brighton. They’ve been together about 2 years, done over 200 live shows and 6 singles and really all they ever wanted was just to be in a band. Love them!

See them April 20th in London at Kings College.

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Miss Katie Corsetry, House of Harlot and Latex

Posted by Rebekah Roy on February 28th, 2008

img014 Miss Katie Corsetry, House of Harlot and Latex

This is the lovely Miss Katie! Of course a girl this lovely must design something very special! For over 10 years, Miss Katie has created exquisite corsetry in latex, fine satins and silks – very sexy but still very playfull!

It’s interesting in recent years how latex has moved into mainstream fashion- of course this is more evident in the UK then in North America.

House of Harlot1.jpg House of Harlot2.jpg
I think House of Harlot has greatly influenced our views on fetishwear – they have created a fetishwear luxury label. Robin Archer, head of House of Harlot has designed for many French couture houses: Thierry Mugler, Christian Dior, Louis Vuitton and John Galliano, have all commissioned House of Harlot for their catwalk shows. I remember a few years ago Erin O’Connor worn a green latex jacket & skirt in British Vogue, although it didn’t really translate into sales for the House of Harlot it’s always good press. I love that London has shops like this. It’s always interesting to see what the mainstream tries to co-opt and how far it will go. Cheap fetishwear is really cheap and nasty, but garments that are beautifully crafted and tailor-made from latex can be quite exquisite!

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Lee Lapthorne Living Icon – The London Fashion Awards

Posted by Rebekah Roy on February 28th, 2008

Lee Lapthorne has been nominated as the Living Icon on the London Fashion Awards – and we need your votes!

Lee is one of London’s hottest creative talents and has worked endlessly to grow and support the London Fashion Scene for 10 seasons.

Please follow the link below and hit the vote button – it will take you to a survey – you can fill it all in or choose the sections you want and then add Lee’s name to the Living Icon section at the end

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Kool-Aid, Reebok & Aroma Therapy

Posted by Rebekah Roy on February 27th, 2008

Reebok Purple Kool Aid, Reebok & Aroma Therapy

Reebok LemonLime Kool Aid, Reebok & Aroma Therapy

Reebok Pink Kool Aid, Reebok & Aroma Therapy
I really like Reebok trainers and have worn them for years as they fit my feet really well. I only wear trainers at the gym and at video or film shoots. I’m really careful to make sure that I don’t have smelly feet – I change my gym sock after each use and have more than one pair of trainers. I don’t like smelling trainers. Nobody does, right? Anyway, Kool-Aid and Reebok have collaborated on the upcoming Kool-Aid Pack, which includes shoes and bright coloured T’s. The shoes feature scented infused liners in Grape, Strawberry, lemon-Lime – all the classics! I remember a few years back a Japanese designer was scenting suits with lavender to keep the businessman more relaxed! So in the world of aroma therapy how will Kool-Aid flavours influence it’s wearer?

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The Feeling – ‘Join With Us’ Number 1!!!!

Posted by Rebekah Roy on February 26th, 2008

TheFeeling 1a The Feeling   Join With Us Number 1!!!!

How cool is this – The Feeling’s second album ‘Join With Us’, has entered the UK album charts at Number One!

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