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Blood Red Shoes – You Bring Me Down

Posted by Rebekah Roy on February 29th, 2008

You Bring Me Down by Blood Red Shoes
Blood Red Shoes is the super cool duo Steven Ansell and Laura-Mary Carter from Brighton. They’ve been together about 2 years, done over 200 live shows and 6 singles and really all they ever wanted was just to be in a band. Love them!

See them April 20th in London at Kings College.

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Miss Katie Corsetry, House of Harlot and Latex

Posted by Rebekah Roy on February 28th, 2008

img014 Miss Katie Corsetry, House of Harlot and Latex

This is the lovely Miss Katie! Of course a girl this lovely must design something very special! For over 10 years, Miss Katie has created exquisite corsetry in latex, fine satins and silks – very sexy but still very playfull!

It’s interesting in recent years how latex has moved into mainstream fashion- of course this is more evident in the UK then in North America.

House of Harlot1.jpg House of Harlot2.jpg
I think House of Harlot has greatly influenced our views on fetishwear – they have created a fetishwear luxury label. Robin Archer, head of House of Harlot has designed for many French couture houses: Thierry Mugler, Christian Dior, Louis Vuitton and John Galliano, have all commissioned House of Harlot for their catwalk shows. I remember a few years ago Erin O’Connor worn a green latex jacket & skirt in British Vogue, although it didn’t really translate into sales for the House of Harlot it’s always good press. I love that London has shops like this. It’s always interesting to see what the mainstream tries to co-opt and how far it will go. Cheap fetishwear is really cheap and nasty, but garments that are beautifully crafted and tailor-made from latex can be quite exquisite!

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Lee Lapthorne Living Icon – The London Fashion Awards

Posted by Rebekah Roy on February 28th, 2008

Lee Lapthorne has been nominated as the Living Icon on the London Fashion Awards – and we need your votes!

Lee is one of London’s hottest creative talents and has worked endlessly to grow and support the London Fashion Scene for 10 seasons.

Please follow the link below and hit the vote button – it will take you to a survey – you can fill it all in or choose the sections you want and then add Lee’s name to the Living Icon section at the end

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Kool-Aid, Reebok & Aroma Therapy

Posted by Rebekah Roy on February 27th, 2008

Reebok Purple Kool Aid, Reebok & Aroma Therapy

Reebok LemonLime Kool Aid, Reebok & Aroma Therapy

Reebok Pink Kool Aid, Reebok & Aroma Therapy
I really like Reebok trainers and have worn them for years as they fit my feet really well. I only wear trainers at the gym and at video or film shoots. I’m really careful to make sure that I don’t have smelly feet – I change my gym sock after each use and have more than one pair of trainers. I don’t like smelling trainers. Nobody does, right? Anyway, Kool-Aid and Reebok have collaborated on the upcoming Kool-Aid Pack, which includes shoes and bright coloured T’s. The shoes feature scented infused liners in Grape, Strawberry, lemon-Lime – all the classics! I remember a few years back a Japanese designer was scenting suits with lavender to keep the businessman more relaxed! So in the world of aroma therapy how will Kool-Aid flavours influence it’s wearer?

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The Feeling – ‘Join With Us’ Number 1!!!!

Posted by Rebekah Roy on February 26th, 2008

TheFeeling 1a The Feeling   Join With Us Number 1!!!!

How cool is this – The Feeling‘s second album ‘Join With Us’, has entered the UK album charts at Number One!

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Fashion Crimes and James Long’s AW 08 Collection Stolen!

Posted by Rebekah Roy on February 25th, 2008

It starting to feel like if you’ve want to make it as a fashion designer in London someone is going to steal your collection. We all know counterfeiting is wrong, shoplifting is pathetic and breaking and entering is oh so wrong! Stealing a new young designers’ collection – that everyone loves and who is on the verge of greatness and poverty (a fine line for most artists) is just mean. It takes so much for a designer to create a collection…
Over Christmas quite a few shops were broken into:

  • Sadie Frost’s new FrostFrench boutique in Islington had the windows smashed the about £10,000 of good were stolen.
  • The shop Larizia in St John’s Wood High Street had about £50,000 of designer handbags Marc Jacobs stolen.
  • Luella Bartley’s new store in Mayfair had £10,000 in handbag bags stolen.

Last season 23 pieces of Christopher Kane’s collection were stolen from his studio a week before his show.

James Long debuted at London Fashion Week’s “Man” (a Topman and Fashion East event). James is a menswear designer and does amazing work. His graduate collection has appeared in Dazed & Confused, i-D Magazine, Another Man, Numero and he had done special commissions for Italian Vogue. He uses sheepskin, suede, leather chunky knits and combines them with buckles and zips, to create a modern warrior look. I really love this collection and I’m partial to the hats. Anyway shortly after his James’ show his whole collection including the shoes were stolen from his studio!
JamesLong1 Fashion Crimes and James Longs AW 08 Collection Stolen! JamesLong2 Fashion Crimes and James Longs AW 08 Collection Stolen! JamesLong4 Fashion Crimes and James Longs AW 08 Collection Stolen! JamesLong3 Fashion Crimes and James Longs AW 08 Collection Stolen!


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Jimmie Martin, Kylie and The Lighthouse Gala Auction

Posted by Rebekah Roy on February 24th, 2008

CHAIR Jimmie Martin, Kylie and The Lighthouse Gala Auction


Jimmie Martin is one of my favourite furniture designers and he’s been featured in Vogue, Harpers, Style, Flux and countless other publications. Jimmie’s created a bespoke chair that incorporates a hand-painted portrait of Kylie (taken from the Showgirl Homecoming tour), with hundreds of Swarovski crystals adorning the headdress as well as armrests along side Kylie’s very own handwritten signature. All of his chairs are amazing and unique. This chair is to be auctioned off at The Lighthouse Gala Auction 2008 in aid of Terrence Higgins Trust on the 10th of March at Christie’s, St James’s.

Auction Estimate £4,000 – £6,000. For more info contact Hannah Monteith at or 020 7812 1667.

Here are some other chairs of Jimmie’s that I love:

CHAIRS1 LRG Jimmie Martin, Kylie and The Lighthouse Gala Auction

SUSAGE DOGS LRG Jimmie Martin, Kylie and The Lighthouse Gala Auction


BLUEFACE LRG Jimmie Martin, Kylie and The Lighthouse Gala Auction




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Singapore Fashion Festival 2008

Posted by Rebekah Roy on February 23rd, 2008

SFF Singapore Fashion Festival 2008
We all know about London, Paris, Milan and New York fashion week, but there are actually so many other fashion weeks or days in the world and they’re quite exciting to check out. It’s important & interesting to see what’s happening in other parts of the world. I know that fashion is global but sometimes it feels quite insular, we all know about the global mega brands but I just love and want to know who else is there.

Lately I keeping hearing about Singapore…It’s some where I’ve wanted to visit for quite a while. Singapore Fashion Festival 08 (SFF) is a ten day festival from March 28th to April 6th, 2008 at The Tent @ Orchard, Ngee Ann City, Civic Plaza. The catwalk theatre was built for the SFF and accommodates up to 1000 guests with a 60 foot catwalk, and features a 8-metres LED screen.
Opening the fashion gala is Matthew Williamson (he’s also the Creative Director at Pucci). The theme for this year’s Singapore Fashion Festival is ‘Legends & Rising Stars’. These are some of the rising stars: from India, fashion designer Ritu Kumar, from Singapor Tan Yoong, Thomas Wee and Qiu Hao from China. The closing show is cK Calvin Klein S/S 2008 with Creative Director Kevin Carrigan. I love that the SFF is also promoting the models that will be at the festival: Erin O’Connor, Emma Pei, Lili Shen, Kiki and Zhang Xu Chao! When a smaller city does a fashion show, it’s an event for the whole city – so the atmosphere around the festival is heightened!

For more info contact

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Felder & Felder

Posted by Rebekah Roy on February 22nd, 2008

img949 Felder & Felder

Last season I saw Felder Felder (German twin sisters, Annette and Daniela Felder) at Vauxhall Fashion Scout and I loved their show. I thought their pieces would be great for some fashion shoots and I used several of them. I didn’t know much about the label but the audience was cheering away and you could tell that everyone just wanted them to do well. They’re Central Saint Martin graduates and their début collection was spotted by New York’s prestigious Gen Art who invited them to show in New York. This season they were awarded a New Generation sponsorship.

Annette and Daniela showed at Vauxhall Fashion Scout and the anticipation was even greater. I was really impressed with this collection, of course I’m partial to all things a little bit rock and roll and dolls gone bad. This collection felt grown up and in one season you could see the progress – I had the impression that they were really doing their own thing and on their terms. On some level it’s easy to do a strong first show, but to do a second season and exceed expectations takes a special talent and lots of hard work! I can’t wait to see what they do next!

Stockists: UK Selfridges–London Joseph – London, Westbourne Grove Iracema– London RUSSIA Podium – Moscow GERMANY A Substitude For Love – Duesseldorf Fourstore- Berlin

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The Point Blanket, Muks and the Canadian Fur Trade

Posted by Rebekah Roy on February 21st, 2008

muks The Point Blanket, Muks and the Canadian Fur Trade muks2 The Point Blanket, Muks and the Canadian Fur Trade

I hate cold feet especially when I’m on a location video/ film shoot and I’m not really an Uggs girl. I do appreciate models who wears Uggs because they don’t have to wear socks that make lines on their legs and can still have warm feet. The Canadian equivalent are Muks.

Anyway, during the Canadian fur trade 1774 -1821 most fur traders married Native women. These women were instrumental in the success of the fur trade – many Europeans would have never ever survived the harsh winters without these women. In Native cultures, women usually set up camp, dressed furs, made leather, cooked meals, gathered firewood, made moccasins and netted snowshoes and they were considered an equal partner! This was all before European women arrived and thought they were superior… Anyway it’s a messy history but we did get mukluks and the Hudson Bay "point" blanket!

HB blanket The Point Blanket, Muks and the Canadian Fur Trade


If you hate having cold feet you can buy Canadian Muks and save over 40% at the Muks Private Sale 10am Wednesday 27th February! As for the point blanket you might not see too many of these blankets in the UK but I have seen the occasional coat! Lots of Canadians wear Muks but you might recognize them on more famous people like Kate Moss, Chloe Sevigny, Katherine Heigl, Milla Jovovich, Carine & Julia Roitfeld, Kate Hudson, Yasmin Le Bon, Daisy Lowe…

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Belen Echandia Hand Bag

Posted by Rebekah Roy on February 19th, 2008

bag Belen Echandia Hand Bag

I’m loving this handbag, I can fit loads in it and it’s very soft. I’ve wanted a silver bag for quite a while but I’ve been afraid of something too shiny but this bag is more pewter then silver so it’s not too bling. The style is quite classic and it feels quite serious – and somehow it makes me feel quite grown up! Most of the time I don’t feel very grown up, maybe because I feel like I’m playing dress up and having too much fun! Its kind of strange the power of an accessory – and how it can make you feel – is it conditioning or is it innate?

I don’t remember how old I was when I got my first grown up hand bag. I might have carried a small bag in high school, I don’t think I really had much too carry…Do we only need a handbag when we need to start carrying our life around with us? I once lost my handbag – l forgot it on a bus in London – someone gave it to the bus driver and it was returned to me with everything in it – my passport, cash and credit card – how cool is that! Purses have existed since 480 B.C, in the 1920′s your bag no longer had to match your outfit and then the should strap became popular with the 2.55 Chanel bag! There is still mystery about what one carries in ones handbag and some people still consider it quite private. I’m not really private about what’s in my hand bag I just carry around ordinary stuff and I try not to carry too much stuff but I’d feel naked with if I didn’t carry a handbag. I feel different if it’s a should strap or short handles – short handles seem more grown up to me – it make me think of my grandmother and I could never carry a clutch- no matter how popular, I like to be hands free.

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On|Off London

Posted by Rebekah Roy on February 17th, 2008

I really like attending On|Off - there are so many new designers there – I say new but many of them have been designing for years. The venue is set up in a very welcoming way: you feel free to look at a collection and chat with the designer and of course it’s a beautiful venue.

There’s a bus right near the V&A that drops you off right in front of the Royal Academy of Arts, so it’s very easy to get there after seeing a show at the BFC tent.
Lee OnOff On|Off London
Lee Lapthorne at the final day of On|Off -this was the first break he’s had in weeks! He’s the creative director and producer of On Off.

Deborah Henning On|Off London
Deborah Henning: I really liked Deborah’s first collection, so it great to see her at On Off! All of her garments are manufactured in the UK, they’re well made, feminine and slightly edgy!

Vidler Nixon On|Off London
Kerry Nixon is the sweetest and most lovable girl that you’ll ever meet. She also has a super cute accent and is wearing one of Rizvis’ headpieces! She’s one half of Vidler and Nixon – Stefan Vidler is the other half. Cinched waistlines and full skirts – dramatic silhouettes – are their trademark with key pieces including their full-skirted ‘Marie’ coat – which I have been wearing in my dreams. I think I actually dress better in my dreams. And yes, I do dream about fashion…
Richard Sorger On|Off London
Richard Sorger creates luxury beaded and embroidered garments. They are quite stunning and I just used one of his dresses in Luxure Magazine. Richard’s celebrity clients include Courtney Love, Cindy Crawford, Bjork, Kirsten Dunst and Jennifer Lopez – quite the list!! And now he’s off to exhibit in Paris!

rizvi millinery On|Off London
Yasmin Rizvi makes great hats so of course we couldn’t resist and had to try them all on!

courtney hat2 On|Off Londonrebekah hat On|Off London
Courtney Blackman & I are going to have a private hat party!!

This is Nina from Nina and Lola – Nina looks great in hats but Lola (not here today doesn’t really wear hats…) Nina is one of my favourite people – you might think I have a lot of favourite people and it’s true I do – but really the list isn’t that long – beside why would I want to know people that I don’t love and adore -life is short right? Anyway Nina is very cool and fun to hang out with – she’s sussing out clothes for her on-line shop Nina and Lola.

Nina On|Off London

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Disorder Magazine

Posted by Rebekah Roy on February 16th, 2008

DisorderNYcopy Disorder Magazine

Disorder magazine is mentioned in the new issue of Nylon magazine as one of the coolest magazines in the UK! No wonder, it has a team that doesn’t compromise, works 24/7 and are so unpretentious and they really really don’t care what other people think, so of course it’s no surprise that they are truly the super cool! Yeah!!!

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Vivienne Westwood Red Label at London Fashion Week and Constance Lytton

Posted by Rebekah Roy on February 15th, 2008

This was Vivienne Westwood’s first show in London in 9 years. There maybe many reasons for her showing in London but maybe one of the strongest reason is to speak out and create action in the UK about the 277 prisoners held in Guantanamo Bay. The U.S. plans to prosecute Guantanamo Bay prisoners at military tribunals. “Fair trial my arse” were the sentiments of the show: the slogan was printed on a pair of “prison” orange knickers worn by one of the models. It’s refreshing to go to show that mixes fashion and politics. We forget how powerful fashion can be – as an organization – it doesn’t mean we all have the same political views just because we’re in the same industry but it does mean that we have a bigger voice then we think we have and we shouldn’t be afraid to use it.
Her information pack contains information petitions and charitable donation to support “Fair Trial My Arse” you can go to

For some reason I’ve starting thinking of Constance Lytton – my mind wonders… Anyway Constance Lytton was born in 1869 to a privileged family: Robert, the first Earl of Lytton and Edith Villiers. In 1908 Constance Lytton joined the Women’s Social and Political Union (WSPU) and in 1909 she took part in a demonstration at the House of Commons where she was arrested and imprisoned. As soon as the authorities realized who she was, she was released, she was angry that she was given special treatment so she disguised herself and took a new identity: Jane Wharton, a London seamstress. At another demonstration Constance (Jane) was arrested and this time sentenced to fourteen days and when she refused to eat she was forced fed eight times. Again Constance was released when the authorities realized who she was. Constance wrote articles and pamphlets on women’s rights for the WSPU and wrote a book on her experiences in the suffragette movement called Prisons and Prisoners. I really admire Constance Lytton, she used her social position to change the world she lived in and maybe somehow that makes me think of Vivienne Westwood. There are very few people in this world who really say and do what they think and they know it’s not without repercussions but they know it’s the right thing to do and they do it.
VW Crowd1 Vivienne Westwood Red Label at London Fashion Week and Constance Lytton
I love seeing the crowds at shows! (This is the same venue as Basso and Brook)

VW SR Vivienne Westwood Red Label at London Fashion Week and Constance Lytton
Sophie Ellis Bextor and Richard Jones

VW Amechi Vivienne Westwood Red Label at London Fashion Week and Constance Lytton
Amechi Ihenacho looking quite dashing with his lovely sister!

VW Hannah Vivienne Westwood Red Label at London Fashion Week and Constance Lytton
The lovely Hannah Almassi from Grazia.

VW hat Vivienne Westwood Red Label at London Fashion Week and Constance Lytton
I have always been a fan of big hair and this season we’ve seen lots & lots of crimped hair!

VW hair Vivienne Westwood Red Label at London Fashion Week and Constance Lytton
More big hair and great make up!

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Karen Brost at London Fashion Week

Posted by Rebekah Roy on February 14th, 2008

KB Logo Karen Brost at London Fashion Week
Karen Brost showed at London Fashion Week at an exclusive members club! I really like Karen’s work. It’s very grown up, very sophisticated and has a slight edge. Depending how you style it, you can make it quite edgy & chic or you can go elegant and sophisticated – but her work is all about quality, great cuts and luxury fabrics. Doing your first show is an enormous amount of pressure and responsibility for any new designer – the show was a success and the party was quite fun too! I got to wear one of Louis Mariette’s hats so I was quite excited!
KB FrontRow Karen Brost at London Fashion Week

KB Shorts Karen Brost at London Fashion Week

KB Red Karen Brost at London Fashion Week

KB INperson Karen Brost at London Fashion Week
Karen Brost!

KB hats Karen Brost at London Fashion Week
Three girls all with hair accessories!

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Elle Style Awards The Feeling Best Band 2008!

Posted by Rebekah Roy on February 13th, 2008

The Feeling, after winning at the Elle Style Awards 2008

Well of course I agree! Three Cheers for The Feeling!! Yahoo!!!

The list of winners:

Best Actress – Keira Knightley Best Actor – James McAvoy Best Music Act – Kate Nash Best Music Band – The Feeling Best Male TV Star – Nicholas Hoult Best Female TV Star – Kelly Osbourne Best Model – Agyness Deyn Best British Designer – Jonathan Saunders Best International Designer – Luella Bartley Best Accessory Designer – Pierre Hardy H&M Style Visionary Award – William Baker Elle Style Icon – Kate Hudson Woman of the Year – Kylie Minogue Outstanding Achievement – Anya Hindmarch

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Inbar Spector at Vauxhall Fashion Scout!

Posted by Rebekah Roy on February 13th, 2008

 C  0986 Inbar Spector at Vauxhall Fashion Scout!

 C  1455 Inbar Spector at Vauxhall Fashion Scout!

 C  1519 Inbar Spector at Vauxhall Fashion Scout!

I had a fantastic time styling Inbar Spector’s show! There is so much of this collection that I want and would wear all the time, I really love all the clothes and the construction is genius! When you have clothes this special you’ve got to have a fantastic team! First and for most we had Inbar and a very very dedicated team of seamstresses including her Mum! Then great hair and make up people (I’m a hair obsessed stylist…) Anyway sometimes you work with people because it’s a job and then just sometimes you just love the people you work with! Today was one of those days :) I’m so lucky!
IS Inbar Spector at Vauxhall Fashion Scout!

img936 Inbar Spector at Vauxhall Fashion Scout!

img933 Inbar Spector at Vauxhall Fashion Scout!
For more information about makeup artist Lan Nguyen check out Bella Sugar!

IS group Inbar Spector at Vauxhall Fashion Scout!

Our lovely models, Yan from Toni & Guy, Inbar Spector, Lan our make up artist and me!

Update: Inbar on the BBC and

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Christopher Beales and the Oscars

Posted by Rebekah Roy on February 13th, 2008

Christopher Beales is making a suit for Prince for the Oscars!
How cool is that.

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More Fabulous Females at London Fashion Week

Posted by Rebekah Roy on February 12th, 2008

One of the things that I love most about Fashion Week is seeing loads of fashionable people. This is London fashion at it’s best – there are so many amazing women all with their own unique style. Of course I love going to the shows, the music, the energy, the models – the shows are great but so is the audience! The other day someone interviewed me and asked me about inspiration – well there is so much of it at LFW!
img918 More Fabulous Females at London Fashion Week
Sophie Ellis Bextor & her sister in the VIP lounge at the PPQ show. Sophie is as genuine as she is beautiful – a rare talent!
 More Fabulous Females at London Fashion Week
Jaime Cooke, director of Muks at the PPQ after show party. Love her hat!
 More Fabulous Females at London Fashion Week
The super cute Echo Morgan, merchandiser & visual artist.

img915 More Fabulous Females at London Fashion Week
Nana Aganovich at her stand at London Fashion Week Exhibition, I can’t wait to see their show!

dianepernet More Fabulous Females at London Fashion Week
The truly lovely Diane Pernet, I’m really a fan of Diane’s site, A Shaded View on Fashion, but it’s not just her site I love, it’s Diane’s style – it’s truly her own, it works, it’s her and I love her attention to detail!

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Cool Fashion Girls at London Fashion Week

Posted by Rebekah Roy on February 11th, 2008

img892 Cool Fashion Girls at London Fashion Week
Michele Obi from My Fashion Life at Modernist

Ameliamag Cool Fashion Girls at London Fashion Week
Catherine McColl, the fashion editor of Amelia’s Magazine at Anne-Sofie Back.

InStyle Cool Fashion Girls at London Fashion Week
Maria Milano, the on line Editor of InStyle at the Jaeger after party! I loved the Jaeger show! It was great to see a British iconic brand showing at LFW – I think they’re going to give Burberry a run for their money!

Biba Cool Fashion Girls at London Fashion Week
I went to the Biba Show at Claridge’s. I loved the hats and the fabrics!

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