PPQ & Nokia Arte Mobile Party

ppq_shopfront.jpg on Conduit Street. ppq_girls.jpg There are so many people in fashion that are always trying to look hip and just end up looking pretentious and then there is the group of girls who are just super cool without trying and these four girls truly are the super cool! Model:Lianna Fowler  ppq_pop.jpg Another cool girl from Pop magazine wearing a great coat, it’s her grandmothers) and I love it with the white shirt, it’s strong and sexy! Lots of fur at this party! ppq_alvin.jpg Alvin – a mens & womens wear designer stocked at Patrica Fields, with a model wearing his designs. img791.jpg PPQ celebrated the new Nokia 8800 Arte and Sapphire phone; this is Rihanna the PR from ! ppg_vicegirl.jpg Loved this girl from Vice Magazine! img793.jpg Great eye make up -very rock and roll! img792.jpg Super cute & Leisa Barnett of Vogue.com ppq_photographers.jpg waiting outside to get pictures of the rock and roll fashionistas! ppq_writers.jpg Two very cool girls: Charlotte Duck Condé Nast’s mobile editor and Phoebe Frangoul of Glamour.com PPQ is Amy Molyneaux’s and Percy Parker’s label. You might wonder what makes this label so unusually hip, is it the girly dresses, the cool prints, the drain pipe jeans? Or is it that PPQ commissioned illustrator Hannah Bay, whose artistic career began in record cover design, to create a series of pen and ink drawings that are installed in their Flagship store? Fashion and belong together but so often it’s not genuine and the one thing about rock and roll is it’s suppose to be genuine! It just makes sense the PPQ’s love for and fashion is a true marriage, how many fashion houses can say they have a record label, 1-2-3-4- Records produces glam electro-house music – no wonder the music was so great at the party! PPQ is stocked on Conduit street -their flagship store (47 Conduit Street, London W1S 2YP), in Liberty, Souvenir, asos.com, Ztampz in Hong Kong; Capital L in Sydney and over sixty stockists in .

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2 comments on “PPQ & Nokia Arte Mobile Party

  1. Rachel
    January 31, 2008 at 6:06

    Fantastic collection of photos, very stylish people :)

    Believe it or not, I actually know that guy with Alvin, his name is Kubi

  2. Lauren
    August 4, 2008 at 23:23

    Dear Ppq,
    The Apparel News Group is extending its international reach and would like to send retailers, such as yourself, complimentary PDF files of our coverage of Los Angeles Fashion Week (5 times per year).
    Please reply with an email address where we can reach you if you are interested.
    Thank you,
    Lauren Campedelli
    California Apparel News
    110 E. 9th St. A777
    Los Angeles, CA 90079
    213-627-3737 ext. 282

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