Summer Floral and Another Grey London Day


I love dresses and wearing a dress is my fashion preference. I’m also partial to shorts but that’s another story. Anyway dresses are simple and easy, and most women look good in a dress. We’re going to be seeing lots of floral for spring – it’s inevitable and always a great trend. Floral might not be revolutionary but no one said it has to be, it’s just that spring and flowers go together; the silhouette keeps changing so now the floral dresses are shorter, flirty and sexy!

The dress on the right is from D&G 08 and the other dress is from Rare – who sell in TopShop. I’m not really a floral girl although I like florals and I love flowers. When I was very little my mum made me lots of floral dresses, and now maybe I’d wear a floral dress on a trip to Barcelona or Cape Town. In London I’m more likely to wear and want something from Aganovich or Bora Aksu, but you never know: on a hot summer night a sexy, easy, floral dress might be the perfect choice!

Bora Aksu

An easy summer dress from Allegra Hicks.


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