Nicola De Main: New British Designer


It’s cold and grey outside so I’ve been forcing myself to look ahead and think of spring dresses! So of course Nicola de Main comes to mind. OK, so I do wear lots of black but I can imagine myself on a hot sunny day sitting at an outdoor cafe with an ice latte wearing a colourful girly dress.

Here is an excerpt from an interview that I did with Nicola De Main:

Tell us about your debut!

NdM: This season Spring/Summer 08 has been my London catwalk debut as part of which has been amazing, the show was incredibly well received and we have been working extremely hard ever since just to keep up with demand. Prior to that I was invited to show in Budapest by the British Council representing London as a rising design talent, which was great experience being involved in such an incredibly high profile event which definitely contributed to our London show being such a big success …a little experience helped a lot.

Have you dressed anyone famous?

NdM:Yes I have worked with a few exciting names, I used to be a stylist before I started my own label and in this time I worked with a lot of high-profile bands, my personal highlight probably being Razorlight. The great thing about all of that was that I am still in touch with most of these people and their friends/girlfriends etc, so I am beginning to become a popular name in the circles, which I’m really happy with because that is where I like to hang out too as a lover.

Tell us about your fabrics.

NdM: I am keen that everything about the garment is exceptional and I feel that that starts with the fabric, you have to use high quality materials to get a luxury product, this really sets the label aside from others as you can tell the quality just by touching it. Wherever possible I like to use natural fabrics such as silk/cotton/linen and have recently been using bamboo; I feel it is the least I can do to be a responsible clothing manufacturer, bamboo in particular is a highly sustainable resource and does not require high levels of pesticides to grow which is a great thing to know that you are contributing to helping the environment…even in a small way.

Nicola de Main can be found in the UK, Italy, Sweden and Panama!

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