Cafe Life, London Style: Tea with Alison Whelan on the King’s Road

img559.jpg I lived in Paris for quite a few years and I became addicted to cafe life. I love people watching while having good conversation. I’d met Alison Whelan several times over the past few years and always had wonderful but short intense fashion conversations. We never really had the opportunity to have a really long chat, so we agreed to meet for tea on the Kings Road! Alison’s super cool and one of my favourite people. I find her totally inspiring and truly interesting, I can chat and listen to her for hours as she’s a great story teller. She is also a very talented art director (she’s worked with Tank, Prada and Liberty) and she’s a co-founder & chairman of Fashion Business Club.

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2 comments on “Cafe Life, London Style: Tea with Alison Whelan on the King’s Road

  1. Liberty Girl
    December 30, 2007 at 19:19

    Hey Rebekah
    Thanks for the compliment! I’ve worked with Alison too – she’s great, isn’t she?! And I do think FBC does a great job, altho I can no longer attend the meetings LLG XX

  2. Coco
    January 15, 2008 at 1:01

    Alison, just her look is amazing, a person can totally tell she is a great women. And she always looks good.

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