London College of Fashion a retrospective – Chris Moore


Today (Dec 21) is the final day for the Chris Moore exhibition at the . I went yesterday, and it’s worth seeing, if only because there is no other photographer as famous, or as worthy of his own exhibition!

We don’t start a fashion show if the haven’t arrived. There’d be no point. Yes, a picture really is worth a thousand words, and sometimes the are all but forgotten – we never really think that the show is for them, it’s all about the front row, the editors, the celebrities (and the buyers!) but there they are, all squished together at the end of the catwalk, jockeying for the best position while holding heavy equipment. It doesn’t matter if the lighting isn’t optimal or the model forgets to pose at the end of the runway – it’s the ’ goal to capture every look. If you don’t have a good photographer shooting your show it’s almost not worth doing.

Amazingly, Chris Moore has been shooting catwalk shows for over 35 years. He shoots everything from Paris couture shows to new designers at Vauxhall Fashion Scout. If you haven’t seen this exhibition, the next time you look at a catwalk image check the credits – it’s probably one of Chris Moore’s!


I never go to a show without taking a picture of the photographers, it’s actually one of my favourite parts of the show!

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