I was recently interviewed by Harriet Reuter Hapgood about trends for 2008 for today’s Independent on Sunday! Whenever I’m asked about trends I always end up thinking not just about recent trends, but trends over the past few years, what they mean, their influences, their impact, and really everything that gives them a context: news,Continue reading


I’m a terrible knitter so I’m very appreciative and awe-inspired by people who can knit. When I saw this wedding dress in Harrods (displayed at the “Origins” counter) I just loved it! It’s called ‘The Elizabeth’, and it was designed and hand-knitted by Jemma Sykes for Butcher Couture. The dress is made from 100% certifiedContinue reading


I love leather gloves but I always lose one of them. I keep the other glove just in case I miraculously find the mate, which of course I never do. Now there’s a website called One Cold Hand that’s here to help; this site reunites gloves that accidentally went their seperate ways. Right now it’sContinue reading


Selfridges is one of my favourite places to meet friends and go shopping! Shopping is something we all do; it’s an activity that seems so natural we don’t realize that shopping for pleasure rather than necessity was invented, and much of that has to do with Harry George Selfridge. Harry George Selfridge was an AmericanContinue reading


I’d like to be the kind of girl who could dress my dog in this Gucci hat. I know that the hat is kind of silly and it’s the type of thing you’d expect Paris Hilton’s dog to wear but there’s just something so wonderfully pretentious about it.

Starting this weekend, Season 6 of Sex and The City will be playing again, on the Paramount Comedy Channel in the UK. Ever wonder what all the designers are that they’re wearing? Well, HBO’s website has the fashion credits on their website. It’s pretty complete, especially later in the series, although some of the creditsContinue reading


Louis Mariette is a fabulously delightful milliner and i-D magazine stated that he was one of the 250 most influential creative professionals in the world. He is probably most famous for designing the world’s most expensive hat, valued at £1.5 million. Most importantly, whenever you visit Louis’ showroom you’re offered a cup of tea andContinue reading


Today (Dec 21) is the final day for the Chris Moore exhibition at the London College of Fashion. I went yesterday, and it’s worth seeing, if only because there is no other catwalk photographer as famous, or as worthy of his own exhibition! We don’t start a fashion show if the photographers haven’t arrived. There’dContinue reading


This shoot was for Luxure Magazine. I was really happy to do a shoot for Luxure because I adore the Fashion Director, Alexia Somerville. She’s an amazing stylist and has a really good eye for spotting new talent. The shoot was about "The Ones To Watch" so we focused on several up-and-coming designers. The teamContinue reading

Raise your Hands I styled this video quite a while back for Artcha and I just saw it on youtube for the first time! How fun! The video & song “Raise your Hands ” is quite upbeat and happy – you might not think the shoot day was like that but it actually was! TheContinue reading


I went to see The Golden Age of Couture exhibition at the V&A. Before going in I had a look at the permanent fashion gallery and I never expected to see a Juicy Couture tracksuit in the V&A, but there it was… I actually like these tracksuits but I don’t think they should be wornContinue reading

Saturday Dec 15th 2007, 6pm: I was on my way to Harriet’s Muse in Kingly Court on Carnaby St. here in London (to pick up some clothes for a photo shoot), and all of a sudden I realized I was being followed by 20 Santas! Hm, I thought, that’s odd… I went into Harriet’s Muse,Continue reading


I saw these two fabulous girls across from the Ritz and I just had to take their picture! They are both wearing such great shoes and even though it was chilly the girl on the left wears open toe heels with sequin leggings. Both girls happen to be shoe buyers for Office!


It’s just been announced that Hannah Marshall will receive a New Generation Sponsorship to show her autumn/winter 2008-9 collection at the London Fashion Week Exhibition! I love Hannah’s work; in it’s simplicity it’s true luxury. You always feel great when you wear her dresses. Above is a picture of the silk chiffon trapeze dress fromContinue reading