One of the best things about cleaning out your closet is giving your unwanted clothing away! I’m not minimalist by any means but I hate having unwanted stuff around. It’s always better to give it to a friend or to a charity shop. There’s lots of things about putting your clothes in an Oxfam bin that we never really think about. Please wash your clothes because Oxfam isn’t able to afford to dry clean or wash the items. Oxfam deposit boxes are everywhere and they are really quite large – on occasion people have been found living in them! I heard that one person even got stuck inside! Also, if you put a pair of shoes in you should tie them together or put them in a bag. Also, don’t just drop clothes in the bin: put them in a bag first and tie up the bag, that way they stay clean. There are lots of annoying people out there who dump garbage into the clothing bins, anything from dirty nappies to beer cans to used needles. There are more clothes in these bins then you think! And everything gets recycled, if it’s not wearable it can be made into rags! img301.jpgimg302.jpg

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