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Louis Vuitton’s lawsuit re Britney Spears’ video for “Do Something”

Louis Vuitton won their lawsuit regarding the Britney Spears’ 2005 video for “Do Something” for the use of Louis Vuitton’s “Cherry Blossoms” design on the dashboard of the Hummer in the video. Britney Spears herself wasn’t found guilty, but Sony BMG and MTV Online were ordered to stop broadcasting the video, and were fined 80,000 euros (USD$117,000).

First of all, let me just say it again: counterfeits and fakes are just wrong. A big question for fashion and prop stylists is what can and can’t you use in a video or advertising? If Britney was carrying an authentic Louis Vuitton bag in a video would that be ok? It’s all about marketing and product placement.

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