What’s in your closet?

A few months ago I was auctioned off as part of a “day of luxury and pampering” for a charity auction. The recipients, 2 best friends, started their day with a massage and manicure, followed by a chef cooking them lunch in the privacy of their own home. I was next as their personal stylist for a day! So of course I wanted to start with their closet.
It’s always kind of fun rummaging through someone else’s closet. A closet is very personal & private – you’re happy that it has doors so that you can hide everything away. You might have an immaculate home and a pin neat office but your closet might reveal another side of you. You might even be quite messy & leave bric-a-brac all over the house yet you’re immaculately groomed and your clothes are neatly organized and even grouped according to colour! In high school one of my friends asked me “Why do you hang up all your t-shirts?” Duh, I thought, so they don’t get creased! I hated that crease down the center or the 2 folds down the sides. Of course ironing could have solved that problem but hanging them up seemed so much more efficient: no creases and I could see everything: all my clothes were all accessible and I knew exactly what I had.

I loved the closet that Dr. Niles Crane had on the tv series Frasier – it was obsessively organized.
This closet was a huge walk-in wardrobe at a location shoot and we used it as our dressing room. It was well organized but most importantly you could see everything. Sad but true: most of us don’t even know all the things we have in our closet! If you treated your closet like a shop, you’ll probably find a dress or a even pair of shoes that you forgot you had and still actually like!


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