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Here’s a page from The Hairdresser’s Journal. I was asked to do a quick writeup on Jaime Pressly. Here’s the text just in case you find the image a bit small to read:

So is Jamie Pressly a just because she has been voted one of the sexiest women in the world and she has her own clothing line? Jamie has a great figure (she was a gymnast for 11 years) and you can’t help but love her as Joy on My Name is Earl” but as a style icon she just misses the mark with this look. The dress is not a bad choice, in fact it’s a good choice: the wrap dress is flattering on anyone with a larger bust and small waist. Satin can be a difficult fabric as it’s quite unforgiving, showing off every lump and bump, but this dress shows off Jamie’s figure fabulously! So actually the dress is good and the shoes and the bag are nice, but what we don’t really see is Jamie’s individual style, and that’s just a shame: it would be better if her look expressed how bubbly and fabulous she is!

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