I love tea parties and this one was for the launch of Red or Dead‘s Watch Collection. I think a tea party is always a great event – what girl doesn’t love cake?! I love cake; it always looks so inviting, so delicious and tempting that I can’t decide what I want. I almost can’tContinue reading

Spice Girls outfits sketch by Cavalli

Cavalli has designed outfits for The Spice Girls’ comeback tour, which starts Dec 2 in Vancouver, Canada! Apparently Victoria Beckham has been personal friends with Cavalli for a long time, and that’s how they got him to design for them. It pays to have a fashionista in your band! Here they are back in theContinue reading


I recently went to Iceland, where I met up with Icelandic fashion designer Thelma Bjork. She makes embellished headbands, and I love them! I’m a bit intimidated by the hat, but the headband I have no issues with: somehow it’s easier, less of a commitment than a hat but it makes an equal statement! While sheContinue reading


You never know what will be an inspiration for a garment. Sometimes all you’re given is a swatch of fabric and that’s where you begin! I think it’s great fun and inspiring! I love working with Christopher Beales. He’s a fantastic tailor and pattern maker!!! He’s so great; he’s one of London’s best kept secretsContinue reading


I love going to costume houses and going through all the rails. I’m doing some prep work looking for some items for an upcoming video shoot for The Feeling! These don’t even look like hats; they just look like huge ornaments or crazy big flowers but actually they’re hats. Some of these hats were usedContinue reading


Cate Blanchett is one of my favourite style icons – she looks great in just about anything. One of the most difficult challenges for an actress is figuring out what to wear to events before announcing to the world that you’re pregnant. You don’t want to look out of shape, but once you’ve announced yourContinue reading


The A/W trends are all about making statements and being seen! From shoes and handbags littered with rhinestones to the head-to-toe blocks of colors, the clothes on London’s fashion streets shout: look at me! The ‘hot’ trends begin with the sweater dress. This comfortable and versatile piece is perfect for going from a day atContinue reading


One of the best things about cleaning out your closet is giving your unwanted clothing away! I’m not minimalist by any means but I hate having unwanted stuff around. It’s always better to give it to a friend or to a charity shop. There’s lots of things about putting your clothes in an Oxfam binContinue reading


I used to live in Montreal and everyone there cycles. Except for winter, it’s the perfect city for cycling as there are lots of dedicated bike paths throughout central Montreal. I never had a bike this cool or this expensive (approximately £6200), but I love it! Chanel also includes in the collection – bejewelled bicycleContinue reading


I like styling strong brands as they understand their image and even without using the brand name you know the product because of their signature look. Now that’s branding! Photographer Jason Moore Stylist Rebekah Roy Hair Takashi Sano Make-up Kate Hughes


This shoot was great fun. We shot at Wasps Stadium in High Wycombe. I had never been to a rugby stadium so I was really looking forward to it. We lucked out and had good weather too! We had two professional rugby players, Sarah Marsh and Susan Cass and one model, Cassandra @ Bookings. OurContinue reading

Unfortunately the red swimsuit Gwen wears reminds me of Special K commercials but I do like the final outfit as I love her high waisted shorts! I don’t like most perfume commercials as they seem to adhere to a different aesthetic than most advertising: they’re a bit too self indulgent for my taste. I loveContinue reading


A few months ago I was auctioned off as part of a “day of luxury and pampering” for a charity auction. The recipients, 2 best friends, started their day with a massage and manicure, followed by a chef cooking them lunch in the privacy of their own home. I was next as their personal stylistContinue reading


Guess Jeans founder George Marciano bought the largest brilliant-cut top – quality diamond ever to be offered at an auction. The diamond received the highest possible grading from the Gemmological Institute of America (GIA), making it the purest ever to appear at auction in a round cut shape. The diamond weighs 84.37 carats and wasContinue reading


Here’s a page from The Hairdresser’s Journal. I was asked to do a quick writeup on Jaime Pressly. Here’s the text just in case you find the image a bit small to read: So is Jamie Pressly a style icon just because she has been voted one of the sexiest women in the world andContinue reading