Happy Halloween!

I went to a Halloween party – it’s good to have a reason to get dressed up! I found my purple satin witch’s hat in a shop on Berwick street and bought some lovely purple tulle at the Cloth Shop. I loved designer Regine Mowill‘s costume, she’s the one in the mask (with David whoContinue reading


Cool People on Neal Street in London. I love this girl’s blouse and the big bow. She bought it all in China.


I saw a live art exhibition in the windows of St Martins, on Tottenham Court Road in London. Lots of passers by stopped to get a glimpse of the partially naked girl! The exhibition is on at the Barbican Art Gallery until 27 January 2008.

Top 5 Picks

One of my favourite fashion blogs, MyFashionLife, asked me for my Top 5 picks for Autumn/Winter 2007 – click here to read the full article.

Georgina Goodman

I love patent shoes and I’m slowly coming around to leopard print. I love it but I’m not sure it’s really me. But maybe the way to introduce oneself to a new trend is by way of ACCESSORIES!!! Anyway I saw a great pair of shoes for Spring ’08! I know it’s winter but IContinue reading

Rebekah Roy & Chanelle

I love location shoots. This house was a huge box and very cool – it was open concept with lots of light, height and space. Actually it felt very Canadian even though it was in London! We were shooting Chanelle, she’s great fun & super cute. There was a very friendly yet unassuming, slightly chubbyContinue reading

Elana & Fraggle

I worked with hair and make up artist, Fraggle Jury. She has the cutest name ever! I asked her “So what does your mum call you?” she answered “Darling!”. She’s the cheekiest, hippest chic that I’ve met in a long time! Her quote for the day was “Sparkle, just a little more sparkle!” A fashionContinue reading


I went to see the Balenciaga Spring 2008 preview at Browns. It’s so fun to drink champagne and eat rose petal flavour macaroons from La Durée. Who says fashion isn’t a nice life – well actually nobody does! Anyway fashion is great, of course it’s greater if you have more money, but don’t we sayContinue reading


Sunglasses can change an outfit in an instant and they’re not just for the summer months. Whenever I go on a trip I tend to buy a pair of sunglasses – it’s part of my Heathrow routine and I’m very thrown off when I have to depart from Gatwick. At first I didn’t really likeContinue reading


I was never really a girl who liked gold or silver things but girls in the UK are just a bit more sparkly than in Toronto, so it’s beginning to rub off on me. I was at a Mulberry event and saw this great big gold handbag. I could fit so many things in it…IContinue reading


I love the buying and selling of clothes and I really want people to enjoy what they are wearing. Advertising is quite interesting as you might have a very specific brief to work to, or just a small selection of clothes, but either way it’s my job to make the clothes fit well. Of courseContinue reading


Mei Hui is moving her shop just around the corner so she invited us over for a lovely Sunday afternoon tea! It’s nice to go to a shop that’s more than just a shop, it’s somewhere you want to hang out and escape into a little world of beautiful dresses and lace!


Occasionally you get some great perks working in fashion industry. Of course working in fashion should be rewarding enough, but just sometimes you get to have a Diva Day! 1.Picked up in a Hummer limo… 2. then a helicopter ride over London! 3. Shoe comparison (and we got a manicure as well!) 4. And finallyContinue reading


Link: Victim R-T-W fashion show photos | Vogue. VICTIM SPRING/SUMMER 2008 LONDON see the collection on Vogue. I’ve added a few behind the scene shots that I took. I always think that I’ll take more shots but we were so busy on the day that you just don’t have time. My dressers were really onContinue reading


I’m loving leopard print at the moment. I saw this model on Portobello Road and thought she looked great in her coat. The Bayswater £995