Daydream Nation Review

One of the fashion shows I styled at for Spring/Summer 2008 was for Daydream Nation, and it was a wonderfully quirky show, a combination of catwalk show and piece! Here’s a review from Fashion Capital:

The much raved about Giles show closed the day on the official schedule but the Fashion Capital crew were up for something new and decided to go ‘off’ and check out the Daydream Nation show at the ICA. Instead of the usual array of expressionless models marching up and down the catwalk Daydream Nation put on a live performance that was a combination of mime, dance, clever choreography and live music. While you may think that such an ambitious show could well take away from the clothes the performance was creatively arranged so that the models interacted with the garments. Most of the pieces, after-all, were multi-functional and could be worn in a number of ways. Wearable and yet quirky designs shown in a charming and amusing presentation – it was a great way to end the day.

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