Interview with William Tempest


Worked with a super cool new fashion designer, William Tempest.

What is the name of your collection?
Noir Style… I was inspired by actresses such as Rita Hayworth and Katharine Hepburn, and played with the stereotypes that regularly feature in film noir movies, from the femme fatal to the private detective. The use of slats and straps in some of the garments references the use of harsh lighting, shadows and angles in the genre.

When did you graduate?
William Tempest
: London College of Fashion – Womenswear July 2007

Are you working on a new collection?

William Tempest:
At the moment I’m working in collaboration with
Diesel, where I have designed the new installations, window displays and
denim treatments for the launch of the new Kings Road store. When the project is finished I’m hoping to start work on some new ideas which I will be able to turn into a new collection.

Where are you from?
William Tempest:Cheshire, England

Are there any family members that inspired your work?
William Tempest:
Thinking about it quite a few people in my family are creative. My Grandad Len used to love painting and his father worked with shoes. My Grandad Geoff is a structural engineer and produces amazing drawings in CAD and my sister is a florist. My grandma used to do lots of knitting for everyone. It’s good being able to create make
something from scratch.

What is your signature? Is there a specific fabric or print that you are known to use? Or a detail?
William Tempest:
I love shape making and tailoring and mixing them together. I love working with beautiful wools, silks and leather and making fabrics act in unexpected ways.


Who are your favourite designers that you look to for inspiration?
William Tempest
: Balenciaga and Lanvin

Where are you working now?

William Tempest:
Giles Deacon and Diesel

Who are your dream stockists?
William Tempest:
Libertys, Harvey Nichols, , Independant Boutiques, Selfridges

Which celebrities would you most like to see wearing your collection?
William Tempest:
Sienna Miller, Bjork

Do you remember your dreams?
William Tempest
: Yes, quite often I wake up and can remember my dreams vividly, I often have really imaginative dreams sometime in bright colour. Sometimes I have dreams that I have dreamt before several years ago, or from when I was a child.

Do you eat breakfast?
William Tempest:
Yes I always eat breakfast, usually toast and a glass of
orange juice

Do you have a pet?
William Tempest:
I don’t have a pet now. But I used to have lots of pets when I was younger. I’ve had a few rabbits, guinea pigs, a budgerigar, fish and some dogs at one point. I really like macaw parrots though, it’s amazing they can speak.

Favourite food, restaurant?
William Tempest:
I’m vegetarian but I like simple english food and also Italian pizza and pasta

Favourite places to shop
William Tempest
:Dover Street Market, 59 Broadwick Street, Selfridges

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