We forget how tactile jewelry is, that it’s handmade, created by an artist. One of the reasons I love going to nude contemporary jewellery is I get to watch Nikki making jewelery. You just don’t think of a jeweler as a metal worker, someone who works with their hands! Jewellery has become such a bigContinue reading


I love fashion in London. I never seem to get tired or bored of it. I can sit in cafes everyday all over London and just watch people pass by. I was around Holland Park and there are so many cute shops and lots of posh old ladies. Really there are so many different fashionistasContinue reading


Louisa Harding knitting books, I love them! I have no problems admitting that I’m a terrible knitter but fortunately my mum is a super knitter!


I love going to fashion shows, it’s great to see all the professional shows but it’s so important to see emerging talent. It might be an off schedule show or graduation fashion show. Courtney Blackman and I went up to Nottingham to the Nottingham graduate fashion show.