Yuck – Etiquette

Ok, I don’t usually gripe but for the past couple of weeks I took the tube at 8am every morning and again during rush hour in the evening. (I was going to a studio for a shoot). Anyway the tube is quite full and people push & shove, but that’s not the real problem. The problem is people picking their nose and I happen to be sitting right beside them. When it’s not busy I just usually get up and move, but when the tube is packed there is just nowhere to move to. Part of me wants to offer the person a tissue but really I just need to get away. Also it’s not just the picking of the nose that bothers me, one guy looked like he was mining and then having a small feast. Yuck.


Etiquette – In general do not touch your hands to your face, but if you must
blow your nose do it gently and use a tissue.

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