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Gok Wan in Soho

Posted by Rebekah Roy on May 31st, 2007


Met Gok Wan today in Soho. How handsome is he! I must tell you that the man you see in How to Look Good Naked is the exactly the same person in the flesh. He’s honest, funny, personable and loves fashion. Don’t think for a moment that he’s just a tv presenter talking about fashion – he’s not, he really is a fashion stylist and has worked in fashion for over a decade!

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Janet Reger Showroom sale

Posted by Rebekah Roy on May 31st, 2007

Janet Reger Showroom Sale
4-11th June 2007
except Sundays
10am until 6pm
138 Brompton Road, London SW3 1HY
here for map)

Phone: 0207 584 9368

If you can’t read this
email please click here


This exclusive event will include up to 80% off many items from our 2006
couture collections, and wonderfully indulgent ‘buy-one-get-one-free’
promotions on many items.


All purchasers will be entered into a prize draw to win a complete Janet
Reger outfit from the current Spring/Summer 07 collection worth over £300
(retail price), and with a free goodie bag for the first 30 customers, this
is an unmissable date for your diary.

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Hair shoot with George McCorkell Models 1

Posted by Rebekah Roy on May 30th, 2007

George McCorkell at Models 1


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Marijoli in Vogue!!!

Posted by Rebekah Roy on May 27th, 2007

I love Marijoli by Swiss designer Marielle Byworth she’s so sweet and fun and of course I love her jewelery, especially her silver cuffs. I featured her cuff in one of my shoots in December.

Madonna, Kate Moss and Nelly Furtado are also fans! Marijoli is available at Nude Contemporary Jewellery in London


Marijoli is featured in!


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Supercar Chic

Posted by Rebekah Roy on May 26th, 2007







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Hammersmith – Jasmine Studio

Posted by Rebekah Roy on May 25th, 2007

I like working in a new studio, meaning one that is new to me. Jasmine Studios is an old Victorian school that’s been converted and it even has a Starbucks- I know you either love Starbucks or hate it, but I hate smoking more and it’s smoke free. (London goes smoke free July 1st!!!!) You might not think it really matters where you work but sometimes it does make a difference when you work in a nice environment. You’d think oh, all you need is 4 white walls but when you shoot all the time, the space (and the staff) make a difference. Of course everyone on the team has different requirements, ie hair & make -up might need different height chairs, good lighting etc. Me, I don’t really need much, just a rail, iron, ironing board and steamer and I have all of these anyway, but of course it’s nicer when the studio has them, most of studios do and of course the photographer has all sorts of requirements…



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Working with Carla B

Posted by Rebekah Roy on May 23rd, 2007

Shooting in a studio near Old Street I got to work with the fabulous make up artist Carla B!



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Yuck – Etiquette

Posted by Rebekah Roy on May 22nd, 2007

Ok, I don’t usually gripe but for the past couple of weeks I took the tube at 8am every morning and again during rush hour in the evening. (I was going to a studio for a shoot). Anyway the tube is quite full and people push & shove, but that’s not the real problem. The problem is people picking their nose and I happen to be sitting right beside them. When it’s not busy I just usually get up and move, but when the tube is packed there is just nowhere to move to. Part of me wants to offer the person a tissue but really I just need to get away. Also it’s not just the picking of the nose that bothers me, one guy looked like he was mining and then having a small feast. Yuck.


Etiquette – In general do not touch your hands to your face, but if you must
blow your nose do it gently and use a tissue.

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Flux Shoot Blaak

Posted by Rebekah Roy on May 21st, 2007

I love shooting for Flux magazine.Today’s shoot was with Satoshi & Petra. I’d already worked with both people so I knew it would be good shoot day. Also we were shooting at the same location as for Rosabella Album cover, so that makes it easier too, you just know what you have to work with, ie. the furniture, the colours of the walls etc. The shoots focus was on the label “Blaak” – menswear – the shirts are amazing and have wonderful detail, pattern and texture.



Img034 Img035_2

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Out & About with Carla B at Palette

Posted by Rebekah Roy on May 18th, 2007

After days and days of catalogue shoots make up artist Carla B and I needed some inspiration, so we headed off to Palette, which is not too far from Highbury Islington station. It felt like like heaven, so many amazing well-chosen vintage dresses and accessories. They also have some lovely London Labels such as Avsh Alom Gur and a red and white, oh so me, polka dot blouse by Sara Berman. I loved the vintage Comme des Garcons hat too! So much shopping to do!!!



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The New Forest shoot

Posted by Rebekah Roy on May 12th, 2007

I recently did a shoot with Diana Gomez and got to work with Aly Hazelwood, who is a wonderful make-up artist and a really cool girl. She’s hard to book because she’s working all the time! Anyway we shot at the New Forest, fortunately it was really a lovely day and lots of animals just roaming around quite randomly! In 1079 William The Conqueror named the area his ‘new hunting forest’, and now you can see deer, ponies and cows out and about the town.






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Ruth Palmer wins young performer award at Classical Brits

Posted by Rebekah Roy on May 10th, 2007

Ruth Palmer wins young performer award at Classical Brits.
Young British Classical Performer: Ruth Palmer – Shostakovich/Violin Concerto No 1
Ruth Palmer performs at the Wigmore Hall, London, on May 14. Box office: 020-7935 2141
The ceremony will be shown on ITV1 at 11pm on May 13.
photo:John Marshall

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Posted by Rebekah Roy on May 6th, 2007









Img240 Img244

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