More fashion shots in a cool location on Portand Street in London. We are shooting pr shots for the very lovely Rosabella Gregory. The location is quite derelict but also very romantic, so the style of the clothes is in keeping with the location.


In my job I get to meet some really cool people and I met 4 of the members of New Young Pony Club. It’s great to meet a band who has a true personal style. If you haven’t heard them you should check them out. Tahita – vocals, Andy – Guitar, Lou – Keys, IgorContinue reading


The best thing about my job is I get to work with some very talented people. Today I was styling Y’s by Yoshiko Kajitani, SS07 collection. All the fabrics are black and white linen that is bejeweled with pewter. All the pieces are simple and wearable. I tried on the jacket and just loved it.Continue reading


So maybe you can’t afford your favourite shoe, fortunately Gil Carvalho has done a range for Faith shoes. I love all of them especially these brown shoes!


Yesterday I saw a girl escorted out of Zara by two policemen. It kind of freaked me out, she was dressed quite nice & stylish it was hard to believe that maybe she was shoplifting and could end up with a record. I don’t really know what happens in the UK, but really is aContinue reading


Every now & then a photoshoot takes you into a private building that the public never have access to. I was in the BP offices in London on a Sunday so no one was really working. Any office building when it’s empty of people can have a very otherworldly feel and this building was amazingContinue reading


I love the make up for the show: there is only one artist that you can imagine creating this look. Of course it’s Kabuki, who’s worked on Sex in the City, Ugly Betty and all things great!


Lots of big hand bags, coats, texture and accessories, it might be a small dog or a handsome boy, but if it’s working for you it works. London is the best place in the world – not that I’ve been everywhere & I am bias but people watching & looking for personal style here canContinue reading


I finally got to see the video on TV! This was a great band to style!


I went to give a lecture today in Nottingham to some students.  It’s so hard for fashion students to break into the market so it’s great that there are forum and student graduate events like this one.