A weekend of sales

I don’t really like sales. It’s not because I don’t like a good bargain, I really do. It’s just all the pushing and shoving, the impatience, the anxiety that goes with shopping on a busy day. There is joy but there can also be a sense of desperation just to find the right item. I love shopping: if I’m not on a shoot day I’m probably looking at clothes or reading about clothes or thinking about clothes! Sometimes I wish I thought about other things but it always seems to come back to fashion, women, image and perception.This weekend was the London Fashion Week Sale and Vauxhall Scout also had a designer sale. I generally like to wear clothes by people that I know. Every now and then I might find something in or but really it’s either friends or vintage for me. It seems wierd wearing something that I have no personal connection to.


Vauxhall had items from:
Linda Farrow Vintage Sunglasses,
Jens Laugesen
Cary Williams
Julia Clancey
Mother T fair trade knitwear

Lineups of fashionably dressed happy people. Actually I love it. Knowing that these people bought their ticket and were looking forward to it all week. They might have even planned what they would wear today. Most of the people are in little clusters of friends. It’s good to have friends to shop with – you can get good advice and just bond over a great shopping day. Generally I shop alone unless of course I have a client that I’m taking shopping. I just like knowing that people are planning and enjoying their shopping day.

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