At the Manish Arora fashion show with Julia Clancey

Who could not love Miss Julia Clancey? I’m so looking forward to her show. Here we are at Manish Arora. I could not take a photo that would do this collection justice – I just loved it. It’s everything I hope for in a fashion show – it’s fashion and a show. I need an element of theatre in a fashion show, otherwise I start to question the need for a runway show. It should be a show, not a presentation, and of course cannot let you down. The first song was “Fame, glamour, money and success” which I loved. Bright coloured wigs and futuristic aliens wearing PVC leggings with coats and tops adorned with thousands of sequins, hand-folded into mirrored prisms, hand-embroidered with thousands of tiny crystals. It was amazing – I can’t really describe what I felt while watching the show.


Me & the fabulous Miss Clancey:

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