I don’t really like sales. It’s not because I don’t like a good bargain, I really do. It’s just all the pushing and shoving, the impatience, the anxiety that goes with shopping on a busy day. There is joy but there can also be a sense of desperation just to find the right item. IContinue reading


How cool to see Simon King’s London Denim T-Shirt for Harrods in an ad in the tube station! I love these T’s – they’re super soft. I have a white one with a heart on the sleeve and it comes with a cute little belt. Who could resist a T shirt with an accessory?!


This evening I went to see a friend, Rosabella perform at the Museum of Garden History. They have jazz nights on Friday and have a vegetarian dinner – which is great by the way! I used to live on the Moosewood cook books when I lived in Montreal – they’re my favourite recipes.


Saw these socks when I was visiting the On|Off exhibition at London Fashion Week. I wanted to buy them but the designer didn’t have any for sale. Anyways they are made from Soya Beans. The multi-purpose soya bean!!! Soya Bean protein is very soft, it can have the luster of silk, the feel of cashmere,Continue reading


On Oxford Street, in the House of Fraser, on the escalator, spotted this lovely man, he was chatting to someone on the floor above & he sounds so warm and charming. I just wanted to meet him but I got a photo instead. Funny how he doesn’t look real, I love it!


Doesn’t it look grand! I went to visit one of my friends at her office in Battersea (South London).


I love this image that we shot a few weeks ago. The model is Alex Crowe-Evans, she was just so sweet. It’s one of my favourites right now and I think it will be for a while.


Richard Jones from The Feeling and his wife Sophie Ellis-Bextor at the Elle awards, of course Sophie always looks amazing but Richard looks good too!


One of the best things about attending fashion week is seeing all the people. It’s great because you run into people that you haven’t seen for ages, but most of all you just get to see what other fashionistas are wearing. You can tell that some people really put a lot of thought and effortContinue reading


Taro worked back stage on hair & make up at Julia Clancey’s show. It was great to run into him!!!


Who could not love Miss Julia Clancey? I’m so looking forward to her show. Here we are at Manish Arora. I could not take a photo that would do this collection justice – I just loved it. It’s everything I hope for in a fashion show – it’s fashion and a show. I need anContinue reading


If you ever need a party dress think Julia Clancey. If you have an evening out and you need a beautiful dress but something a bit more special then the run of the mill evening dress (and there are loads of those…) Julia has quite a few dresses and lots of black in this collection.Continue reading


Me & Hannah at the On|Off VIP Party. I think we look quite happy but a bit sleep deprived! Hannah With photographer Diana Gomez. Hannah’s stand looks great. There is so much thought into ever aspect of a designer works, right down to which hander make the garment look it’s best. Tuesday was the openingContinue reading


Hmm, the models look like ghosts at the Ben di Lisi show, but it’s actually my camera. I think i got better images of the audience and the photographers. As expected the dresses were lovely & elegent, but I’m not really the type pf girl that needs an evening dress but I’d like to beContinue reading


I rarely get to blog a blogger or well at least a poster. I met photographer Clive Booth who was shooting  London Fashion Week for Show Studio, of course like most photographers he’s not used to having the camera turn on him.


Simon King from London Denim with Craig at Harriet’s Muse. He gave me one of his new t shirts. It’s so soft. I love it!!!