Windy days & Photographers

I think it’s really tough to be a good locations photographer, of course it’s different then a studio shoot and each has its positive and negative side. You have to be quick thinking, creative and organized all at the time same. It looks hard to do and it really is. You have a whole team who is interdependent but on some level they are all depending on the photographer to get the shot, to pull the whole shoot together. Sometimes the photographer is in charge, sometimes it’s the art director, or editor, it’s only confusing when no one is in charge or you have all the responsibility and no authority. All of this is relevant to studio and . But for the locations photographer you are at the mercy of the elements. You are simply weather dependent and no matter how well organized and well planned you are, you just can’t do anything about the weather, you just have to know when to call it quits and start again the next day.

This shoot was very windy but we managed to get the shot list done!!


I debated about posting my portrait but it was really windy, and the only way that you would really have any idea to understand how windy it is, is to see my hair blowing straight up!




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