Shoots in Cape Town

You might not even know the people that you’re working with on a shoot, it could be a whole new team for a job or maybe part of the team knows each other already. It’s different everytime.

We had a casting at when we first arrived, sometimes you do a selection before you arrive and then you do a casting according to your selection and brief. If you cast the right model 80% of your work is done, maybe not 80% but a huge amount, getting the right model is so important. And it’s not just about looks and size, so much if is it down to personality and that goes for the whole team.



Shooting on the beach, I worked with photographer Sara Wilson, I never worked with her before but ended up adoring her! She’s really cool and interesting and really web savvy. She loves blogs and uses skype all the time. It’s really cool way to work, you don’t know anyone and you spend every moment together for 10 days or so and then you all go off your separate ways.

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