The Klaxons, Fall Out Boy, Lady Sovereign, The Feeling – A free show at Koko in Camden!! A great line up for the evening. Lady Sovereign was great. She wore a side pony with a small corn row on one side, great make up, strong eye brows, with a baggy t & jeans. She’s veryContinue reading


Pairs 2:00 pm ON AURA TOUT VU – Cité de l’Architecture – 7 avenue Albert de Mun – Paris 16e


If you walk along Lang Street you’ll see lots of cool shops and lots of local designers. One shop  I went into had 27 local desighners. Many of the styles were young and hip, quite cool. Of course everything is summery it’s +30C!


Recycled items that I saw in markets and shops in Cape Town. Is it out of necessity or style that we use recycled objects? Or both?


On the top of Table Mountain. I have flashes of Niagara Falls up upside down. I think it’s the closest thing I’ve been to, or at least the sensation that I had. As you know I’m a city girl and only last a short while outside of zone one. Anyway I just loved being onContinue reading


Woolworths in Cape Town has some good deals, organic cotton and a section of South African Designers:


PhotographersI think it’s really tough to be a good locations photographer, of course it’s different then a studio shoot and each has its positive and negative side. You have to be quick thinking, creative and organized all at the time same. It looks hard to do and it really is. You have a whole teamContinue reading


You might not even know the people that you’re working with on a shoot, it could be a whole new team for a job or maybe part of the team knows each other already. It’s different everytime. We had a casting at when we first arrived, sometimes you do a selection before you arrive andContinue reading


So I’m in Cape Town for the first time and have internet problems so I can’t up load any pictures…Arrrrg. Yahoo some pics from the airport to the city.  

What does a fashion assistant do, what is work experience? Well let’s start with work experience. Well, this is the other side of fashion, the realist part, the day to day reality, unglamorous side but the 100% necessary side of fashion. You could be asked to do any of the following tasks and I’m sureContinue reading


Sniff – a shoes shop just north of Oxford Street not far from TopShop


I went to Robert Cary-Williams studio to pick up some dresses for a shoot. I’ve loved his dresses for ages and I’m looking forward to seeing what he does next!


Sometimes I don’t even remember where I’m going, I just know the train time and where I get off but really don’t know where i am, and somehow it doesn’t matter as long as I know what I’m doing it doesn’t matter where I go.


Hannah Marshall is going to show her collection at  On Off during London Fashion Week. This just might be one of her new leather labels! I don’t think most shoppers know how much effort a designer puts into every aspect of their collection, the research, the design, fabric sourcing, pattern making, right down to theContinue reading


Just incase you were wondering how VECRO came about! "In 1941, a Swiss inventor called George de Mestral noticed cockleburs were attached to his dog’s fur, whilst out walking. Intrigued and realising the potential of this concept as a closure, he spent a decade finding material and developing a machine that would produce a closureContinue reading