Met up with De Wayne, we met a couple of years ago working together on the Billy Idol tour. He was in London this week working on Merchants of Bollywood at the HammerSmith Apollo (where The Feeling will be playing Feb 2nd & 3rd!!!). Anyway it was a great show. I have never seen soContinue reading


I don’t drive in London. I have mixed feeling about driving here as there is so much pollution, and mainly I’m not good at parallel parking. I have lots of luggage so a car would be great, I saw this car the other day, it’s one of my favourite colours but it’s so big!


In the late afternoon lots of people out and about!


Chris is working hard creating some dresses for a new GHD commercial that’s going to be shot in Prague in the New Year.  


I had the opportunity to work with the lovely English actress Maureen Lipman. It’s great working with actors. They just know how to make clothes come to life. They can put a personality into the garment the moment they put in on and it instanly comes to life!


A fashion shoot in Notting Hill with Georgie Carter. How nice is that and don’t you just love her natural curls!


Another train ride but this one was quite short and only in zone three, so it wasn’t too far but carrying a heavy suit case up and down stairs is a pain. There’s always lots of prep involved in a shoot. The location house was quite cold sometime I wonder if poeple just keep theContinue reading


Mei Hui  and shoes desighner Nazinna Douglas at Respiro,  located at 2 Ganton Street (off Carnaby Street).


Fashion Shoot – GirlsStudio – Old StreetIndoor rain! Girlswear is so cute. I love the bright colour and little girls are just so cute & fun!We had them standing in a troft and turned on the hose to make rain. You never heard so many squeels & giggles!!


Fashion Shoot : WomenswearLocation house – Benington LordshipShot on film with available light.


Got to used some lovely whimsical dress and had such a fun day. Loved the hair, a cool Aussie girl who works for TIGI.


It’s almost midnight and we’re finishing up, sewing buttons, pressing etc for The Feeling. I am so lucky to work with such a great team!!


On the train again, this time to the coast for a father and son fashion shoot. It rained all day but somehow we still managed to get the shot!  


On the train again, off to Rugby for a day, planning a shoot for Cape Town in December!


I love shooting in other people houses, it’s kind of curious to see how other people live.    


Out and about with a wonderful designer Chris Beales. Not only is he an excellent pattern maker his men’s wear is amazing. I love all it’s detail. I’ll show you some of his work later this week!