Betty Jackson sale starts December 18th
Discounts start at 20% on selected lines

Bicester Village sale starts December 18th and then the entire village will go on sale from December 26th
Sale ends February 15th
Reductions will be up to 75% off original price.

Blossom sale starts December 21st
Sale ends January 30th
First Markdowns will be 30% off.

Brora sale starts at all stockists and online on January 17th
Sale ends February 28th
Initial mark down will be 20% and final reductions will be starting February 15th.

Ghost sale starts December 21st
Sale ends February 15th
Discounts will be between 30%-50%
Key items included in the sale are Tulle, Satin, Georgette and Crepe pieces from the Autumn/Winter collection.

Hugs’ online sale continues throughout the year on selected lines.
Special winter reductions on Little Green Radicals baby range including Logo Baby Grows with up to 40% off original price.

Initmissimi sale starts December 28th
Sale ends February 28th
Average discount will be between 30 – 50% from selected items.

Kipling sale starts December 26th
Sale ends January 30th
Average discount 30% on A/W collections including , bags in prints and fashion colour lines.

Kyri sale starts first week of January on selected items.

Millie Fox sale starts at Harrods on December 28th
Sale ends January 27th

My sale starts December 27th
Discount starts at 25% off selected items.

Trilogy sale starts December 27th.
Discounts on selected lines.

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