A lecture from

MA – Creative Director of doll was a speaker at this event. He talked about the
challenges new designers face and that once you’ve had your first a show why it’s
importance to be able to show each season.

What do you need to be
considered for On/Off?

You need the basics: a look
book, a website, stockists, proof that you are able to manufacture your
collection. Ok so you might feel that if you have all this you’re not a new
designer. But really these are the basics.

One of the questions
asked was "Is the new designer forced to be a luxury designer because they
can’t compete with the ?” Maybe this is true. Also said was that
there is going to be a culling, a fall in the market as London i s oversaturated with designers. Any

Dsc04360Dsc04359_1Dsc04363 Anyone who meets Amiee
is going to adore her. First of all she is very striking, she’s
captivating, you look at her and you just want to know know her. Amiee spoke at
the lecture and talked about puting together her collection and all the hours
it really takes, and the team that supports her.



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