St Brides Church

invited me to go watch fireworks at St Brides Church. It was quite amazing as I got to up to the very top steeple in the church. I love this church as it is the for the tiered wedding !

We had the pleasure to watch Ruth perform as she was helping to evaluate the cost of these violins for a buyer! One of the violins was worth 2 million pounds. And in all truth it sounded beautiful. I learned so much about the history of violin making and the importance of the wood, the tree it comes from, the forest it grows in and how only time will tell if it is a great violin. But how truly fortunately to watch Ruth perform in such an amazing church with wonderful acoustics. The last picture is of the bell, it melted during the bombing and this bell was made out of the melted bells. It’s all quite impressive. Going up the steeple was very other worldly. The stair case was narrow and the steps were hight, the wind was whipping around us. We had champagne to celebrate Remembrance day and the wind would send the champagne flying. You could even feel the vibration & sway from being so high up.

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