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Posted by Rebekah Roy on November 30th, 2006

Betty Jackson sale starts December 18th
Discounts start at 20% on selected lines

Bicester Village sale starts December 18th and then the entire village will go on sale from December 26th
Sale ends February 15th
Reductions will be up to 75% off original price.

Blossom sale starts December 21st
Sale ends January 30th
First Markdowns will be 30% off.

Brora sale starts at all stockists and online on January 17th
Sale ends February 28th
Initial mark down will be 20% and final reductions will be starting February 15th.

Ghost sale starts December 21st
Sale ends February 15th
Discounts will be between 30%-50%
Key items included in the sale are Tulle, Satin, Georgette and Crepe pieces from the Autumn/Winter collection.

Hugs’ online sale continues throughout the year on selected lines.
Special winter reductions on Little Green Radicals baby range including Logo Baby Grows with up to 40% off original price.

Initmissimi sale starts December 28th
Sale ends February 28th
Average discount will be between 30 – 50% from selected items.

Kipling sale starts December 26th
Sale ends January 30th
Average discount 30% on A/W collections including luggage, bags in prints and fashion colour lines.

Kyri sale starts first week of January on selected items.

Millie Fox sale starts at Harrods on December 28th
Sale ends January 27th

My sale starts December 27th
Discount starts at 25% off selected items.

Trilogy sale starts December 27th.
Discounts on selected lines.

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Posted by Rebekah Roy on November 29th, 2006

I love the advertising in Selfridges, it’s always a bit cheeky!

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Vintage Fashion, Accessories & Textiles Fair

Posted by Rebekah Roy on November 28th, 2006

Vintage Fashion, Accessories & Textiles Fair

Sunday 3rd December 2006 – 9.30am
to 4.30pm

Battersea Arts Centre, Grand Hall, Lavender Hill, London,

ENTRY: Trade Early
Entry: 9am – £2.50: Public £4.00/£2.50 for students with ID

The last
Vintage Fashion, Accessories & Textiles Fair of the year
. It’s Party Time. Where else to get that unique, individual
party dress or accessory that will make your outfit complete. Fabulous dresses in chiffons & silks,
from 30-60’s, beautiful winter coats and unique presents such as 1950’s sweater
guards (stops your sweater slipping from your shoulders and 1950’s glove clips
so you don’t lose them. We have some
fantastic new stallholders with the most amazing displays to choose from. With
over 65 stands you will not be disappointed. Prices from £5-£500.

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Make Up

Posted by Rebekah Roy on November 24th, 2006

I love this make up! Hair and and makeup can change the whole feel of the shoot.

Workshops for Make-Up Artist at the Fashion & Textile Museum

This exciting new series of lectures, featuring key professionals from
the world of hairdressing and beauty, will be held on Wednesday nights
in February and March 2006. Magazine editors, star editorial session
stylists and business entrepreneurs will reveal the secrets of the
glamorous world of beauty and hair


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Posted by Rebekah Roy on November 24th, 2006


A lecture from

Lee Lapthorne
MA – Creative Director of doll was a speaker at this event. He talked about the
challenges new designers face and that once you’ve had your first a catwalk show why it’s
importance to be able to show each season.

What do you need to be
considered for On/Off?

You need the basics: a look
book, a website, stockists, proof that you are able to manufacture your
collection. Ok so you might feel that if you have all this you’re not a new
designer. But really these are the basics.

One of the questions
asked was "Is the new designer forced to be a luxury designer because they
can’t compete with the high street?” Maybe this is true. Also said was that
there is going to be a culling, a fall in the market as London i s oversaturated with designers. Any

Dsc04360Dsc04359_1Dsc04363 Anyone who meets Amiee
is going to adore her. First of all she is very striking, she’s
captivating, you look at her and you just want to know know her. Amiee spoke at
the lecture and talked about puting together her collection and all the hours
it really takes, and the team that supports her.



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Posted by Rebekah Roy on November 18th, 2006

Recently I have started to feel like if I don’t blog it, did it really happen?

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Posted by Rebekah Roy on November 18th, 2006

Yahoo! I’m going to meet Anina today and get my new phone! So more mobile phone blogging!!!

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Posted by Rebekah Roy on November 15th, 2006

recycle or else!

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Posted by Rebekah Roy on November 14th, 2006

A day on a video shoot. I can’t tell you how amazing and organized everything was. Everyone knew what they were doing and what was happening next. Of course we’ll just have to wait & see what the final version looks like!!!











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Hip London Shoot

Posted by Rebekah Roy on November 13th, 2006

Worked with 2 new assistants today! People don’t realize how much work is to be done on a shoot day. Of course most of the stylist’s work is done before the shoot day. You meet with the photographer and make-up artist and hair stylist,  you might make a mood board, visit Pr’s, call in the clothes and of course you have to find the right model for the shoot!

If the stylist work isn’t prepped before the shoot day she’s in trouble!For the assistants there are hundreds of little things from organizing the rails, to ironing all the shirts, keeping track of the credits and making cups of tea! Then of course after the shoot day all the returns need to be organized and sent back…

Dsc04269 Dsc04272



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St Brides Church

Posted by Rebekah Roy on November 11th, 2006

Ruth Palmer invited me to go watch fireworks at St Brides Church. It was quite amazing as I got to up to the very top steeple in the church. I love this church as it is the inspiration for the tiered wedding cake!

We had the pleasure to watch Ruth perform as she was helping to evaluate the cost of these violins for a buyer! One of the violins was worth 2 million pounds. And in all truth it sounded beautiful. I learned so much about the history of violin making and the importance of the wood, the tree it comes from, the forest it grows in and how only time will tell if it is a great violin. But how truly fortunately to watch Ruth perform in such an amazing church with wonderful acoustics. The last picture is of the bell, it melted during the bombing and this bell was made out of the melted bells. It’s all quite impressive. Going up the steeple was very other worldly. The stair case was narrow and the steps were hight, the wind was whipping around us. We had champagne to celebrate Remembrance day and the wind would send the champagne flying. You could even feel the vibration & sway from being so high up.

Dsc04267 Dsc04234  Dsc04266


Dsc04246 Dsc04259

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Remembrance Day

Posted by Rebekah Roy on November 11th, 2006

Did you really stop for 2 minutes silence on Remembrance Day? Well most of Oxford Street did!



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Personal Shopper

Posted by Rebekah Roy on November 10th, 2006

Lately I’ve been doing quite a bit of personal shopping. I can’t tell you how much I enjoy it. Ok, I do love shopping as I’ve always felt that shopping can be empowering. Even if we say we don’t judge people when we first meet them, we do get an impression and and that initial impression is based on what they (and we) look like. Looks have all ways been important it’s only recently that the everyday person, not just the celebrity has a wide array of choices. And not just clothes but make-up and hair too! I think it’s all those choices that make it confusing and it’s become a rarity to find a shop assistant that really cares and is helpful. Many of my clients inspire me. To see someone face light up when they can see themselves on the outside what they feel on the inside is really amazing.

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Christmas on Regent Street

Posted by Rebekah Roy on November 8th, 2006

I Can’t believe that Christmas decorations are already up. Ok it is November but still!Dsc04214

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Posted by Rebekah Roy on November 8th, 2006



Dsc04133_3 Dsc04144 Dsc04175_1

Dsc04177 Dsc04176_3 Dsc04160_2

Dsc04180 Dsc04179 Dsc04181

We shot in Floria for a week, the weather was beautiful and we all ate lots of oranges & grapefruits! We might look like professionals but really we are tourists, getting sun burnt and eating too much! I love the pictures from the plane it looks magical. I was sitting by the wing and it seemed to go on forever, like a cat walk! I wasn’t sure what I was expecting to see!




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Posted by Rebekah Roy on November 8th, 2006

  • Dsc04210
    Fast Fashion. I went to George at ASDA the other day. It’s amazing how many cute pieces they have!

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Top Shop

Posted by Rebekah Roy on November 8th, 2006


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Hotel Room

Posted by Rebekah Roy on November 7th, 2006

Club Med In Florida for a week! It was work but at least on the last day I got to go to a kick boxing class and a pilates class outside looking over the beach front,and then back to London. It’s funny when you go away because you really having a sense of what home is. I’m not sure I would want to live in a hot climate. I love summer and sunglasses but I love coats, cardigans, layers and soft leather boots.

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Balancing The Books & Wallflower Screening

Posted by Rebekah Roy on November 4th, 2006

This morning I went to see a sceening of my friend, Jade Syed-Bokhari’s film today. Both of the films were showen at the LA Shorts Fest but today was the first time they were screed in the UK. . I was very sleepy because I just got back from Floria – where I had no internet for a week. And the week before we were changing providers so I feel like my life line was cut off for a while. Anyway it’s great to be back on line so I can tell you about all the amazing people I keep meeting. I really adore Jade and can’t wait to work with her again!




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