Betty Jackson sale starts December 18th Discounts start at 20% on selected lines Bicester Village sale starts December 18th and then the entire village will go on sale from December 26th Sale ends February 15th Reductions will be up to 75% off original price. Blossom sale starts December 21st Sale ends January 30th First MarkdownsContinue reading


I love the advertising in Selfridges, it’s always a bit cheeky!

Vintage Fashion, Accessories & Textiles Fair Sunday 3rd December 2006 – 9.30am to 4.30pm Battersea Arts Centre, Grand Hall, Lavender Hill, London, SW11 ENTRY: Trade Early Entry: 9am – £2.50: Public £4.00/£2.50 for students with ID The last Vintage Fashion, Accessories & Textiles Fair of the year. It’s Party Time. Where else to get that unique, individualContinue reading


I love this make up! Hair and and makeup can change the whole feel of the shoot. Workshops for Make-Up Artist at the Fashion & Textile Museum This exciting new series of lectures, featuring key professionals from the world of hairdressing and beauty, will be held on Wednesday nights in February and March 2006. MagazineContinue reading


  A lecture from Lee Lapthorne MA – Creative Director of doll was a speaker at this event. He talked about the challenges new designers face and that once you’ve had your first a catwalk show why it’s importance to be able to show each season. What do you need to be considered forContinue reading

Recently I have started to feel like if I don’t blog it, did it really happen?

Yahoo! I’m going to meet Anina today and get my new phone! So more mobile phone blogging!!!


A day on a video shoot. I can’t tell you how amazing and organized everything was. Everyone knew what they were doing and what was happening next. Of course we’ll just have to wait & see what the final version looks like!!!


Worked with 2 new assistants today! People don’t realize how much work is to be done on a shoot day. Of course most of the stylist’s work is done before the shoot day. You meet with the photographer and make-up artist and hair stylist,  you might make a mood board, visit Pr’s, call in theContinue reading


Ruth Palmer invited me to go watch fireworks at St Brides Church. It was quite amazing as I got to up to the very top steeple in the church. I love this church as it is the inspiration for the tiered wedding cake! We had the pleasure to watch Ruth perform as she was helpingContinue reading


Did you really stop for 2 minutes silence on Remembrance Day? Well most of Oxford Street did!

Lately I’ve been doing quite a bit of personal shopping. I can’t tell you how much I enjoy it. Ok, I do love shopping as I’ve always felt that shopping can be empowering. Even if we say we don’t judge people when we first meet them, we do get an impression and and that initialContinue reading


We shot in Floria for a week, the weather was beautiful and we all ate lots of oranges & grapefruits! We might look like professionals but really we are tourists, getting sun burnt and eating too much! I love the pictures from the plane it looks magical. I was sitting by the wing and itContinue reading


Fast Fashion. I went to George at ASDA the other day. It’s amazing how many cute pieces they have!


Club Med In Florida for a week! It was work but at least on the last day I got to go to a kick boxing class and a pilates class outside looking over the beach front,and then back to London. It’s funny when you go away because you really having a sense of what homeContinue reading


This morning I went to see a sceening of my friend, Jade Syed-Bokhari’s film today. Both of the films were showen at the LA Shorts Fest but today was the first time they were screed in the UK. . I was very sleepy because I just got back from Floria – where I hadContinue reading